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21 Best ✅️ Wines Franchises in USA for 2023 (UPDATED RANKINGS)

Up-to-date Wines Franchises catalog 2023. Only proven and profitable ideas!

Here is the top 21 best Wines Franchises you can start in USA

1. vomFass

  • Investments $233,800
  • Franchise fee $37,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 1994
  • Offices – 285

Franchise details: vomFass

Official site

VOM FASS is the premier specialty retailer of the world's finest oils, vinegars, spirits, liqueurs, and wine. Founded in Germany in 1994, there are now more than 270 stores in 20 countries. VOM FASS is well poised and well-positioned for rapid expansion in the United States.

VOM FASS Welcome Video

2. Wine Kitz

  • Investments $80,000
  • Franchise fee $10,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1992
  • Year Franchising Started – 1994
  • Offices – 95

Franchise details: Wine Kitz

Wine Kitz is Canada's largest retail winemaking franchise with over 95 locations across the country. Benefit from a growth industry as wine consumption in Canada continues to rise. Backed by 46 years of industry experience, Wine Kitz has over 80 exclusive product varieties including our extremely popular Limited Release Wines.

Wine Kitz Franchise Opportunity

3. Oil & Vinegar

  • Investments $239,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1999
  • Year Franchising Started – 1999
  • Offices – 92

Franchise details: Oil & Vinegar
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At Oil & Vinegar, we offer an interactive gourmet specialty shop concept packed with international panache, flavor and passion, providing our guests with an un-matched shopping experience.

Oil & Vinegar store Anchorage Alaska

4. Vintner's Cellar

  • Investments $75,000
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Offices – 50

Franchise details: Vintner's Cellar
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Vintner's Cellar Franchising International Inc. is the largest Custom Winery franchise in the industry with over 50 locations world wide.

Vintner's Cellar, Clackamas, Oregon

5. WineStyles Tasting Station

  • Investments $230,500
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2002
  • Year Franchising Started-2012
  • Offices- 15

Franchise details:  WineStyles Tasting Station
Official site

More than 10 years ago we demystified the wine shopping experience with the launch of WineStyles®. 

Since that time, we’ve developed a loyal customer following. We became one of the largest wine boutique franchises in the country, sold thousands of bottles of wine and have helped hundreds of business owners achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through our unique franchise offering.

Uncork your dream business with a WineStyles Tasting Station wine franchise!

6. We Olive

  • Investments $285,000
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2005
  • Offices – 14

Franchise details: We Olive
Official site

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a natural, delicious, unprocessed and healthy oil that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It is well known for its abundance of antioxidants and its ability to enhance health and longevity.

7. Water 2 Wine

  • Investments $142,500
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Offices – 10

Franchise details: Water 2 Wine
Official site

Water 2 Wine is a custom winery which offers a wine experience with wine tasting and making your own wine. Water 2 Wine was started by John McFadden,opening the first Water 2 Wine in 2003 in San Antonio.

Water 2 Wine

8. Connoisseur

  • Investments $200,000 
  • Franchise fee $29,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1972
  • Year Franchising Started – 1988
  • Offices – 8

Franchise details: Connoisseur

Packaged with personalized labels, wine sold by Sanford and Annalisa French's company comes from vineyards in California and cellars in Europe.

One-Minute Wine: The Connoisseur's Wine

9. Vintner's Circle

  • Investments $95,000
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2006
  • Year Franchising Started – 2007
  • Offices – 8

Franchise details: Vintner's Circle

Vintner’s Circle's winemaking shops are an innovative new concept that combines wine making, wine education and wine accessories retail in one fun location. It’s always time to make great wine and by using pre-pressed wine grape juices, Vintner’s Circle can guarantee the quality of wine you can make. Vintner’s Circle locations are licensed wineries. We love making wine, and that shines through into the great tasting wines we craft.

A Visual Tour of Vintner's Circle Wine Making Shops

10. Virgola

  • Investments $154,600
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2013
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 4

Franchise details: Virgola

Founded in Manhattan in 2013 by NYC restaurateur Joseph Marazzo, Virgola is an elegant Italian wine bar that features an exclusively Italian wine list. Virgola offers a distinct menu of fresh, raw oysters, ceviche, crudo and caviar as well as imported Italian cheeses, cured meats & salads in a elegant, stylish and comfortable setting.

11. Sea Legs

  • Investments $591,900
  • Franchise fee $55,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2012
  • Year Franchising Started – 2014
  • Offices – 2

Franchise details: Sea Legs
Official site

Located at 21022 Beach Blvd in downtown Huntington Beach, SeaLegs Wine Bar offers a Hamptons-style ambiance where guests can enjoy family-style seating, or sneak off to the many smaller, side tables and experience a quiet, intimate feel. California cuisine share plates and wine pairings and revolving dinner specials are only a few surprises SeaLegs has in store.

SeaLegs Wine Bar Restaurant Franchise

12. The Vine Wine Bar

  • Investments $186,950
  • Franchise fee $40,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2010
  • Year Franchising Started – 2016
  • Offices – 1

Franchise details: The Vine Wine Bar

After a successful corporate career of more than 20 years building results driven teams for some of the world’s largest companies, our founder, Lynn Mione, set out to create the ultimate wine experience. Her mission from the very beginning was to create a fun and dynamic business model which kept the attitude out of wine drinking. After opening the first location in 2010, Lynn saw the response from her customers and realized that there was a demand for The Vine Wine Bar® outside of the greater New York region. That prompted her to continue to refine and develop the great systems and branding which would be required to expand across the United States.

TheVine Wine Bar Opportunity

13. Crescent

  • Investments $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1996

Franchise details: Crescent
Official site

If quality wine is your passion, be part of North Americas leading on-premise wine makers! Crescent Wines offer you the oppourtunity to join the on-premise wine-making revolution and escape a typical career. Founder Gord Andrews has over 35 years of wine making experience and has develped receipes for enhancing the already exceptional wine kits used. Crescent Wines has won over 225 awards, including 150 internationally. Crescent Wines provides full-training, ongoing support and quality products.

Our Production Area

14. Grape

  • Investments $875,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2000
  • Year Franchising Started – 2004

Franchise details: Grape

First opened in Atlanta in October 2000, The Grape is a proven, popular concept that combines two complementary revenue elements: a wine bar and retail store. It's not your father's wine bar. But it might be your mother's, sister's or wife's. Courting urban females is one of several new wrinkles for the operators of today's trendy new wine bars, which are portraying wine as an "experience" rather than a mere beverage. These wine bars are growing in popularity and one could be yours! Be a part of the latest concept in a growing industry!

15. Savi Provisions

  • Investments $ 339,067
  • Franchise fee $30,000

Franchise details: Savi Provisions
Official site

Savi Provisions is a neighborhood destination that markets locally sourced gourmet and organic foods, fine wines and spirits, with a generous environment to sample and celebrate the fruits of everyone’s labors.

16. Borvin

  • Investments $9,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1985
  • Year Franchising Started – 1993

Franchise details: Borvin

Wine importer and wholesaler Borvin Wines International was founded in Delaware in 1985. The company began selling wine in Virginia and Washington, DC, in 1987. In 1993, Borvin Beverage Franchise Corporation was created by Donald L. Mikovch to offer beverage wholesale and distribution opportunities throughout the United States.

17. Eola

  • Investments $150,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001

Franchise details: Eola

As an Eola Wine Company franchisee, you will live a unique lifestyle.

18. Red Phone Booth

  • Investments $500,000

Franchise details: Red Phone Booth
Official site

Are you looking for a dependable business investment that has been proven popular, sustainable, and buzz-worthy? Do you want flexibility and fun in your day-to-day lifestyle? Red Phone Booth franchise opportunity is here.

19. Tastings

  • Investments $300,000

Franchise details: Tastings

"Tastings" is truly about creating a wonderful and unique "Wine Experience" for our customers. We are Friends, Neighbors, and Wine Enthusiasts who happened upon a remarkable wine bar in Italy.

20. Unique Imported Wines

  • Investments $8,500

Franchise details: Unique Imported Wines

My name is Ronald Voss, but please call me Ron. I obtained my import license in 2008 while providing tax, accounting and wealth management advice as a CPA, a CFP, and CSA to my clients in my practice. It was my passion for wine that motivated me to enter this business of importing wine.

21. American Eagle

  • Investments $122,500
  • Franchise fee $9,500

Franchise details: American Eagle

We are leaders in the wine making franchise industry with over 14 years of international wine making and business experience.