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Portal for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a franchise business or start a new line in business.
We will tell and show you which franchises you can buy in the USA.
I Editorial policy
It is based on three principles: freedom of expression, freedom of speech and good taste. We have similar principles in advertising and PR materials. Boring press releases, copy-paste and uninteresting articles we WILL NOT publish.
II advertising on the site
We put the effectiveness of advertising for our customers at the forefront. So, if we are going to give you some advice and say that "it is better", so we are telling you the truth. Trust the professionals. Rich and satisfied customers are the foundation of our business. It's fair. On issues of advertising please write
The editors will be happy to hear any suggestions, requests and comments regarding the website, articles and editorial policies. Email us at, we will reply to everyone.
You can write, even if you are just bored, want to meet interesting people and you just have a lot of ideas. Moreover, we will be glad if you offer to tell us about your project, business or a brilliant startup.