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Franchise ACFN, The ATM Franchise



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Franchise ACFN, The ATM Franchise



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ACFN is North America’s only ATM franchise providing services to hotels and other travel and entertainment based businesses. We have been providing ATM services since 1996, began offering ATM franchise opportunities in 2003, and we now have more than 260+ franchises that own and operate 2,500+ ATMs in the United States and Canada.

ACFN® is your “Part-time franchise for a full-time retirement”

Many of our franchisees say that the ability to start the business without interfering or interrupting current job was one of the main reasons they decided to join ACFN.

Our business model can be scaled to fit an individual’s specific situation allowing owners to grow at the pace which suits them. Franchisees join ACFN for different reasons and from various backgrounds.

Some join us after retiring from a lengthy career, while others are fresh out of college and eager to make additional income. Many are looking to compliment their existing income and others are looking to replace their current income. Whichever situation brings you to ACFN, our proven business model will work for you.

Franchise ACFN, The ATM Franchise

ACFN ® Corp. Team at Silicon Valley Head Quarter in San Jose, CA



If you are looking for a part time franchise that can lead to financial independence with strong long-term residual income and without the complexity of employees or the demanding schedule of a retail operation, ACFN is the home-based franchise for you. 

Our franchise program has been recognized as one of the top franchise opportunities by many publications including the prestigious Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Inc. Magazine, Franchise Times, Military Times Best Franchises for Vets and

The benefits of the ACFN ATM Franchise Business includes:

  • Reputation: 18 years of excellence and counting
  • Marketing: 2,250 locations already installed and more locations added every month
  • Expertise: Our experienced team of professionals will assist with every aspect of your ATM franchise.
  • Flexibility: You can begin part time without interfering with your primary income and scale into our business as your schedule and finances allow.
  • Simplicity: No employees to manage and no long-term lease to sign.
  • Low Capital Requirement: Franchise fee plus $25,000 – $50,000
  • Immediate income: Start generating profits as soon as you install your first ATM.
  • Independent income: Build a large, independent network of privately owned ATMs and enjoy a significant long-term residual income.
  • Proven track record: Benefit from our significant client base, which includes some of the largest hotels in the country, national parks, hospitals, museums, entertainment venues, sports bars, theaters and more.

Finance Information

Investments: $40,000

Franchise fee: $25,000

Minimum Cash: $60,000

Training and Support


ACFN knows what it takes to succeed in developing and operating your own ATM franchise business. All new franchisees attend an extensive, three-day training session in our offices in San Jose, CA. We cover a wide-range of topics during this class to provide franchisees with the knowledge and expertise needed to start an ATM business, including:

  • Overview of the ATM industry
  • The ACFN Franchise business model
  • ACFN’s competitive advantages
  • Our target audience and effective marketing strategy
  • Meet our team – presentations from all departments

Training Class at ACFN Head Quarters

New franchisees spend time with various departments to learn best practices of running a successful ATM Franchise. Our entire management team is available to answer all of your questions and you are welcome to intract with our corporate staff


Franchisees benefit from a strong network of central office operational and marketing support. ACFN’s marketing strategies and services provide the competitive edge that every business should have in their toolboxes. As an ACFN franchisee, you’ll have access to:

1. National databases of business to conduct market research and identify businesses that meet the initial ATM placement criteria. We help develop and provide franchisees with a segmented list of these businesses in the agreed upon radius of operation.

2. Marketing materials to help interest prospective businesses in our ATM Program and to maximize the chances of securing a contract for ATM placement. Our team works to contact and contract locations for the placement of your ATMs.

3. Lead tracking software, which enables you to view the activity of your leads.

4. Support for scheduling and completing ATM installations once an agreement is signed with additional support during installation to ensure correct programming.

5. Complete monitoring and service support after installation in addition to on-going performance monitoring of processing and accounting functions.


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