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Franchise Best Energy



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About Franchise

Best Energy offers the world’s leading Cleantech Business Opportunity. We are actively seeking new distribution partners to help expand our market share in the lucrative energy efficiency market.

Fight Climate Change. Build Your Business. Profit With Support.

Start a Green Energy Business

Best Energy offer new partners access to a range of proven energy efficiency products. These include our flagship energy management system ‘Eniscope’, currently in operation on every continent around the world with companies like IBM, 7-Eleven, Walmart and Jaguar Land Rover.

As well as a portfolio of retrofit energy reduction technologies for air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and motor control.

Together, these products form the powerful core of the opportunity we can offer partners. But we don’t just expect new partners to go it alone!

Franchise Best Energy

    The Business Model

    The Best Energy opportunity benefits from a well established, proven business model that we have developed over more than 20 years in the industry. It is used by over 100 partners in locations all around the world and is the basis for huge, multi-million dollar projects - like our current $39m Eniscope rollout in Hillsborough Schools District, USA.

    The business model offers both recurring revenueEssential for asset value and business planning - and substantial lump sum payments. The products provide the lump sum revenue when they are bought and installed. And providing energy management as a service provides the ongoing recurring revenue.

    Each new client needs your energy expertise to identify energy saving opportunities, and they will pay every month for that expertise - which is at all times supported and advised by our UK based expert team of energy analysts.

    Franchise Best Energy

    The Eniscope

    Eniscope is the product around which this opportunity revolves. Although we are proud of our retrofit energy saving technologies and how effective they are (in some cases over 85% energy savings), it is the Eniscope that brings the recurring revenue that means the most to our partners.

    Eniscope is a combined hardware and software platform for measuring energy consumption in commercial buildings. It provides real time, second-by-second data at the circuit level - allowing our partners to clearly identify where energy is being wasted.

    It makes energy visible, which is the first step in any strong energy management project. It is the most comprehensive and effective product of its kind in a global industry that is growing at 12% annually. Meaning our partners are extremely well placed to benefit from that growth.

    In many cases, they are driving that growth.

    Your Next Step

    “Reinventing energy is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.”

    Business men and women around the world are starting to take advantage.


    Finance Information

    Investments: $32,000

    Training and Support

    Much like a traditional franchise, Best Energy provides marketing, sales and technical support - including live demos, accompanied site visits and residential training courses. The strength of the training is such that no prior experience in the energy efficiency industry is required; our experts will teach you all you need to know face-to-face at our training events.

    Our training covers topics including:

    • Your new product range.
    • Marketing & approaching potential clients.
    • How to master the sales process & upsell.
    • How to smoothly handle and grow a business based on consistent revenue.
    • How to use Best Energy's expert technical support to full advantage.

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