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Class 101 - Providing Crucial College Choice Services

Class 101 is a national college planning franchise that helps high school students get into better colleges and qualify for higher amounts of scholarships and financial aid. We address a common problem: the college application process is complicated, competitive and stressful, resulting in students who don’t get enough, or any, financial aid and often end up at the wrong school.

For more than 18 years, our mission has been to provide families with expert guidance in the college search, admissions and financial aid process.  Our goal is to see our students achieve theirs.

  • Class 101 has helped over 3,000 students.
  • Our students’ average ACT scores increase by 3.1 points with Class 101 assistance.
  • Thousands of scholarships have been awarded through Class 101 facilitation.
  • In our financial aid workshops, Class 101 staff have helped parents complete over 1,200 financial aid forms.

Class 101 provides much-needed personalized college planning services

Through one-on-one college planning sessions, we help prepare the high school student to take ACT and SAT tests, improve GPA, build a list of schools that are a good fit, write a powerful essay, complete applications and navigate the scholarship and financial aid processes.

Students that go through the Class 101 program have some dramatic results

The average American high school student applies to two or three schools and receives about $20,000 in scholarships and aid. Class 101 students apply to an average of 10 schools and receive more than $200,000 in scholarships and aid! 

Our students also tend to stay in school

The dropout rate for incoming college freshmen is high — as many as one in three first-year students never make it to their sophomore year. The dropout rate for Class 101 students is less than 1% — far below the national average!

Services to clients include:

  • Helping students identify “good fit” colleges.
  • Advising students on high school course scheduling.
  • Coaching for GPA improvement.
  • Working with student athletes for athletic recruitment.
  • Collaborating with students to develop a strong resume.
  • Offering eight-week ACT/SAT review classes twice a year.
  • Guiding parents through the daunting task of making college as affordable as possible.

Get in on the ground floor of Class 10's rapid expansion. 

  • Class 101 is positioned to become the college planning service of choice and is rapidly expanding with opportunities nationwide.
  • If you are passionate about helping young people and have experience in education or working with youth, then Class 101 may be the perfect fit for you.
  • If you want to empower high school students and help them find the perfect colleges, owning a Class 101 franchise is a great way to establish a strong sense of pride and purpose while helping students and their families save time and money.

Key benefits of the Class 101 franchise

  • A growing market with ever increasing demands for service.
  • A proprietary business model with unlimited earning potential.
  • Low capital investment and minimal overhead.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • No inventory.
  • Extensive pre- and post-launch training, premier franchise support and professional marketing resources. 

Are you ready to learn more about owning a thriving business that makes a difference in the lives of college-bound kids?

Contact Class 101 by requesting more information now!


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Investments: $22,900 – $35,000

Franchise fee: $27,500

Royalty fee: 7%

Minimum Cash: $35,000

Net Worth: $50,000


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