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Franchise DNA Services of America



Franchise DNA Services of America



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About Franchise

Own a high-demand, innovative business that serves the growing needs of Americans by offering members of your community peace of mind through evidence provided by DNA identification test results for paternity, family relationship establishment, infidelity testing and forensic DNA.

DNA Services of America is focused on meeting the demand and is rapidly becoming the largest DNA testing services company in the nation through its first-of-its-kind franchise program. You do not need any previous industry experience to qualify, because we offer a complete, proven business system, ongoing support, and thorough training. 

Franchise DNA Services of America

DNA Services of America is the people’s choice for DNA testing services.  Whether you need a legal DNA test to determine the biological relationship between your child and the alleged father, a home DNA test for peace of mind regarding paternity, an immigration DNA test or any other DNA testing service to help improve your family relationship, we can help.

DNA paternity testing is an easy, painless and confidential way to help you get the answers you need for your child’s well being. If you need to help a loved one with an immigration issue, DNA testing will provide you with the legal documentation you need.  We can also help you answer questions about relationship infidelity using a DNA test that can determine if your partner is seeing someone else.

Franchise DNA Services of America

Our DNA tests for paternity are routinely 99.99% accurate and the sample collection process is painless. Skin cells are collected from the inside cheek of the mouth using a cotton-tipped swab. Samples can be collected as early as the day of the birth of your child. Results are available in only 3 to 5 business days, with next-day RUSH options available. And best of all each DNA test is independently performed twice for quality assurance.

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Investments: $39,150 – $101,400

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