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A Business Broker is a professional executive, equipped with the knowledge to successfully complete the sale of an existing business, franchise or business opportunity. As the owner of an EMPIRE Business Brokers Franchise, you will be working on a daily basis with other professionals: business owners, buyers, seasoned entrepreneurs as well as top executives in national franchise companies.

You will serve people from all walks of life. They will come to you for help to buy or sell a business.You will be their negotiator, counselor, marketer, broker, advisor and teacher. You will shape many futures. Your personal integrity will be supremely important. You will stretch your creativity and draw on all your knowledge and experience.

Franchise Empire

Every day will be fresh and every accomplishment will be sweet.

We have successfully trained people from many walks of life to become top producers and business brokers. Our success stories include CPA's, Attorneys, Bankers, former mid to high level management executives; others who have successfully operated their own businesses, and people with a high ambition to learn. People who feel that they are ready to expand their capabilities with the leader in a dynamic and growing industry will feel at home at EMPIRE Business Brokers.

Franchise Empire

Advantages of the EMPIRE Business Brokers Franchise

The most important competitive advantages of the EMPIRE franchise are:

* Excellent levels of income and profits.
* Return on your investment in a year.
* Various profit centers with consulting services.
* Ever increasing listings of Buyers, Businesses and Franchises.
* Initial Training, Marketing and On-Going Support to the franchised network.
* Initial investment between $25,000 and $50,000 USD.

Finance Information

Investments: $44,900 – $54,900

Franchise fee: $24,900

Royalty fee: $400/month or 5%

Training and Support


Our Comprehensive 5 day (5 FULL DAYS!) Training Program is designed to make you a successful business broker right from the first day you open.

Here are some of the subjects we cover:

* Appraising the fair market value of a business.
* Establishing the price.
* Procuring buyers and sellers.
* The techniques of successfully selling a business.
* Preparation of purchase contracts.
* Escrow procedures.
* Advertising businesses for sale.
* Evaluating financial statements.
* How to set up and operate your own office.
* The psychology of successful business brokerage.
* Hiring and Training a salesperson.
* Office policies and procedures.
* Applicable accounting principals.
* Legal techniques and relevant terminology.
* Understanding and using the appropriate forms.
Advertising - general, marketing, newspaper, magazines.
* and much more!

Our training facility is located in our Corporate Headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y. We do have an optional training program that we will conduct in your home city for an additional fee to help defray our travel costs. EMPIRE Business Brokers will train new agents from your office as your office continues to prosper and grow.
This training is provided free of charge at our Buffalo Headquarters. You will continue to sharpen your skills by consulting with our highly trained staff. Our annual National Convention provides additional training through seminars & lectures.


Through or web site:

* Generation of potential Buyers and Sellers leads for each EMPIRE office.
* Promotion of the listings of a franchised Office with the entire EMPIRE network.
* Communication to the entire EMPIRE network of new listings.
* Lists of authorized service providers.
* Calendar of events.
* Electronic chalkboard for communication within Offices.
* Access to advertising and public relations material.
* Information of events and statistics generated by the EMPIRE network.
* Access to informative and promotional materials of listed franchises.

Additionally we carry out other activities that are standard to any Franchising System such as:

* Pre-opening program.
* Continuous operative assistance.
* Personnel training and updates on the system.
* Development and updating of Operative Manuals.
* Development and updating of Corporate Image.
* Operative and administrative innovations.
* Creation and development of marketing and advertising activities.
* Production and broadcasting of press releases.
* Creation and operation of promotional seminars.
* Counseling and supervision visits to offices.
* Organization of Franchising conventions.
* Legal assistance.
* Financial assistance.

With all these services, EMPIRE supplies its franchise network with all the necessary tools to generate business, operate efficiently and continue to be the undisputed leader in the business brokerage sector.


EMPIRE Business Brokers is a franchising corporation specialized in Business Brokerage, whose main objective is to provide services that translate into tangible benefits for the investment initiatives, expansion strategies and financing of projects of Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Franchises.

EMPIRE Business Brokers has a varied array of materials that assist its Franchisees in establishing a rapid presence in their markets, and increase sales every month. Some of these are:

* Website with auto-editable solutions to incorporate and edit listings of businesses and franchises.
* Designs for Newspaper Ads.
* Brochures.
* Materials for Seminars.
* Press Releases.
* Telemarketing scripts.
* E-mail marketing scripts.
* Designs for promotional stands.
* Business cards and stationary formats.

Additionally, EMPIRE continuously carries out marketing activities in order to increase its business listings, franchises and buyers. Some of these activities are:

* Registry of the businesses we handle in our web site.
* Promotion of our web site in the most important search engines.
* Ads in local Newspapers.
* Ads in Specialized Magazines.
* Participation in Franchise Fairs.
* Creation and broadcasting of electronic bulletins to our data base.
* Telemarketing.
* Seminars specializing in Business Brokerage and Franchising.
* Participation in Entrepreneurial Chambers and Associations.
* Public Relations activities with the media.
* Individual presentations to buyers, business owners and franchises in our offices.

As if this wasn't enough, the EMPIRE Offices have the backing of a worldwide network of Brokers, with which they continuously exchange buyers, business and franchise prospects.

Partner Requirements

At EMPIRE Business Brokers we have defined very clear policies in order to award Franchises and maximize the possibilities for success of an EMPIRE Office. We actively seek people and offices with the following characteristics: FRANCHISEE PROFILE The profile of the Franchisee / Operator that has been established for EMPIRE Business Brokers is as follows:

  • Language: English spoken and written for our international franchisees.
  • Types of Experience: In Sales, Marketing and Business Administration.
  • Other Requirements: Soul of a Salesman.

OFFICE PROFILE The characteristics of the commercial office spaces that we set to establish an EMPIRE Business Brokers Office are as follows:

  • Size of the Office: A commercial office space is optional but encouraged. If desired it should be between 150 and 2,000 sq. ft. depending on whether you plan on have agents working with you.
  • Type of Zone: Commercial, Financial or Business districts.
  • Socio-economic level of the zone: Medium High to High.
  • Phone Lines: Two as a minimum.
  • Other Characteristics: Well situated to major streets with adequate parking space.

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