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Franchise Finishline Cabinets



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Franchise Finishline Cabinets



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$1,735 plus 3% Gross Revenue

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Today's franchise owners want a different ownership experience. They don't want the typical franchise model that's been around for decades, corporate centric. Instead, they want a great opportunity that offers real support and allows them to focus on what they love most about their business.

We're built differently.

The Best Refinishing Opportunity, Period!

Finishline values the importance of the end result. Our passion lies within the talent and craft of taking something old and transforming it before your eyes. We bring back and even create the warmth and vibrance in aging and outdated wood. We make kitchens the heart of our client's homes again.

Finishline offers:

  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • Cabinets, vanities, railings & trim.
  • 50 years of franchise support & experience.

We do this in 3 ways:

Finishline's founders have built a great business with products and services that are in high demand with what we call a "un-franchise" approach.

Franchise Finishline Cabinets

1. We offer best in class products and services to your franchisees customers

  • Cabinet specific products for high adhesion and durability.
  • 100% water based, environmentally safe products.
  • Innovative processes and equipment to save time and money.

2. World class operational support

  • Focus on what you love, we'll run the backend for you.
  • Owner tools that allow you to improve the profitability of your business.
  • Our franchisees are our customers, we help you achieve your goals.


  • Your local digital marketing
  • Your bookkeeping
  • Your hiring
  • Your business coaching
  • Your site visits

3. KPI improvement

  • High lead count with Hubsuite our marketing partner.
  • Improved sales results with our on-going training.
  • Increased capacity with engaged and productive technicians.
  • In 2021 the Kitchen and Bath industry is project to do $158 billion in revenue, that's an increase of 16.6%!
  • Refinishing cabinets is the majority of this growth.

Franchise Finishline Cabinets

Why Finishline?

Benefits of being a Finishline Owner.

True scalability

Know when and how to scale your business with our talented business coaches and state of the art reporting.

High profit margins

Enjoy larger ticket prices with healthy profit margin built into every service you provide.

Focus on what you do best

As a Finishline owner you'll have more time to grow your business thanks to our unique franchising approach.

Inexpensive Buy-in

Your initial investment is only $40,000. This gives you more working capitol to get your business off the ground.

Just 5 days

In only 5 day you'll be ready to start working in your territory. You don't have to be a seasoned painter to have a thriving business.

Customers love us

At Finishline we use cabinet specific colors and finishes. We don't scrimp when it comes to our final product and our customers love it!

We've built our franchise differently by putting you, the franchise owner at the center of all we do. We're heavily invested in helping each of our franchisees succeed.

You have a better chance of success with Finishline than any other franchise group. There's plenty of home service based businesses out there, but let's face it there aren't any that can offer you this kind of potential. Contact us below and see for yourself how incredibly different and fresh our approach is to franchising.


Finance Information

Investments: $93,900 – $192,500

Franchise fee: $1,735 plus 3% Gross Revenue

Minimum Cash: $400,000

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