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Most consumers, throughout the U.S., do not realize that many County, State and Federal governments and other financial institutions are holding billions (yes, billions) of dollars that are being held in trust waiting for claims to be made to these assets.

We, in turn, locate these assets and attempt to find those claimants who, most likely, are entitled to these monies.

If you have received a postcard, letter or phone call, from one of our staff members, then you have been identified as being either a legitimate claimant or a close relative to a claimant who, we believe, is entitled to recover money either from a government entity or other financial institution.

We, at Found Extra Money, LLC help qualified consumers to try to recover these funds, by preparing all the required legal documents and by filing claims on their behalf, before the time period expires and before the funds are lost forever under state or federal law.

We can help anyone nationwide. You do not have to pay us any money.

Our fee is only a percentage of the money recovered on your behalf. We pay all costs. There never will be any expense to you at any time even if, for some unknown reason, your claim is denied. If there is no recovery you pay nothing.

In the past several years, we have found more than twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) belonging to consumers like you, who, in most cases, did not even know they were entitled to these missing funds.


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Investments: $65,030 – $89,300

Franchise fee: $60,000

Minimum Cash: $5,000

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