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An Incredible Franchise Ownership Opportunity

Founded in 2003 as a much-needed break from the traditional auto shop image, Honest-1 Auto Care has grown into the country's most trusted family of automotive maintenance and repair centers and the most powerful franchise in the industry.

Honesty, integrity, and an unwavering adherence to the highest ethical practices are what define Honest-1. But around that core is something equally as important – a unique and innovative customer-centric model and approach that greatly increases our value and appeal and keeps customers loyal, year after year.

Since two thirds of auto care customers are female, we've created an atmosphere that's as appealing to women as it is to men. From our plush couches, large screen TVs, and Internet cafe to our secured children's play area and upscale bathroom decor, every aspect of our centers is designed to be inviting, clean, and comfortable.

To satisfy today's growing number of environmentally-conscious consumers, our "Environmentally Sustainable Actions Program" ensures that responsible standards and practices are applied in four key areas: Pollution Prevention, Recycling, Resource Conservation, and Eco-friendly Services & Products.

All Honest-1 centers offer complimentary shuttle service and we're the first full-service auto care company in America to institute a nationwide 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty on repairs, giving customers the ability to have covered service performed at over 35,000 authorized facilities from coast to coast.

Whether you're seeking an individual auto care center or the larger wealth-building opportunity of a regional development territory, our company stands apart with many unique advantages. The more you see what makes us different, the more you'll see why Honest-1 Auto Care is truly an incredible franchise ownership opportunity.

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Finance Information

Investments: $209,000 – $659,000

Franchise fee: $35,000

Minimum Cash: $200,000

Net Worth: $700,000

Training and Support

One of the advantages of franchise ownership is that you are operating within a proven process, and have many resources to help you along the way. At Honest-1, we’re committed to providing our owners with all of the tools and support to help them succeed.

H-1 University is a comprehensive training program that delivers the education and hands-on experience owners and employees need to hit the ground running. Four separate schools ensure that students receive the precise courses they need to be successful:

  • Manager School For Owners And Managers
    A one-week curriculum that focuses on the front-end operations. Includes software and sales training, bay management, estimating and pricing, customer service and inventory management.
  • Owner School For Region Developers, Owners And Managers
    A one-week curriculum that focuses on the back-end operations. Includes accounting, marketing, software training, safety & personnel, leadership and management, business planning.
  • Field Training For Region Developers, Owners And Managers
    A one-week mentoring experience that follows Manager and Owner School. Work side-by-side with technicians, managers, and operators and learn in a real world environment.
  • Region Developer Training
    A  4 day  program that focuses on selling and developing territories, from lead generation and grass roots marketing through qualifying and closing the sale. Includes Dos & Don’ts of franchise sales, real estate development, action plan development and territory management.

Ongoing training and support extends well beyond the H-1 University classroom. Honest-1 owners and employees benefit from monthly webinars, web training, and online ASE certification programs.


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