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Franchise Lifesize Plans



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About Franchise

Lifesize Plans is commercializing the world’s first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology which will revolutionize the design and construction industries with our proven business model.

Lifesize Plans. Bring your plans to life.

A Forward Thinking Franchise

Lifesize Plans, the revolutionary company that brings building plans to life, is on a growth trajectory on a global scale. With multiple international locations in the pipeline, including a brand-new state of the art location in Sydney, and expected flagship sites in the United States, Europe and South Africa, there’s no stopping this start-up company!

Lifesize Plans brings architectural plans and future homes to a real-life size before thousands of dollars are put toward building a home. The group has commercialized the world's first-ever patented full-scale home walkthrough technology, which is revolutionizing the design and construction industries, helping architects, interior designers, builders and the real estate industry.

This is a chance for you to join the future of design and experience owning a business that delivers first-class walkthrough technology and provides exceptional customer service.

Franchise Lifesize Plans

Bring your plans to life!

Be part of a forward-thinking franchise and benefit from pioneering a tried and tested business model in a key city around the world.

Benefits of owning a Lifesize Plans franchise business

Team type model: Franchisees will operate using a dual model system, with designers showing off their designs to the customer, while the salesperson is out to attract more customers.

Low staff wage model: Low staff model available due to lower number of staff. As a business owner, franchisees will have a fantastic net profit and gross profit, based on asset utilisation.

Innovative brand: Lifesize Plans is all about pioneering the growing tech in the building industry, offering exciting, patented technology that can be used to be proactive and fix the root of the problem before it can occur for both parties in designing and constructing homes.

The Lifesize Plans Group will continue to engage with the technology team on new developments and technology patents.

Simplistic workflow: The business workflow is all centered around the customer service journey, supplying a unique and professional service, with sales and operations attributes that have been tried and tested to achieve optimal success throughout all aspects of the business.

International franchise opportunity: Lifesize Plans are also looking for a sophisticated business executive for their international master franchisee.

Tech setup: Lifesize Plans patented technology can be bought outright or leasing arrangements can be implemented.

Join an innovative brand revolutionizing the building, design and construction industries.

Lifesize Plans has created a tailored, step-by-step franchise sales process to ensure that potential franchisees meet all requirements before joining this forward-thinking franchise network and succeed in this dynamic but rewarding environment.

Franchise Lifesize Plans

Years Established:

After pitching on the hit television show Shark Tank in 2018, Lifesize Plans has attracted interest from hundreds of potential partners and investors alike, after proving the prototype technology and helping hundreds of clients build their dream home.

Moving into 2021, Lifesize Plans is on a growth trajectory on a global scale with multiple international locations in the pipeline, including a brand-new state of the art location in Sydney.

Training and Support

Franchisees will have assistance from the head office, who will be guided extensively in the initial stages, with mock sales training offered online, as well as technical training.

Franchisees will be using the Zoho platform, an online office suite containing databases, spreadsheets, invoicing presentations, and customer relationship management.

Marketing Support

Franchisees will have marketing support available as well as receiving a marketing pack with initial collateral such as company logos and business cards. A minimum of 10% of the franchisee’s gross will be spent on marketing per annum. They will have their own landing page (stemming from the company’s main page).

Capitalize on this exclusive opportunity to join a brand that has extensive plans to reach new heights and spread their technology across the globe. Be part of the story and join the future of design.


Finance Information

Investments: $1,000,000

Minimum Cash: $1,000,000


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