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Franchise Lightning Force Energy



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Franchise Lightning Force Energy



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Lightning Force offers entrepreneurs of all skill and investment levels the opportunity to generate passive income distributing a proven, high-demand energy product!

#1 Vending Opportunity in AMERICA

Lightning Force is the New Face Of Energy.

Vending is the largest home-based business in North America, valued at over $5 billion per year. When managed correctly, a vending business can provide a steady, lucrative and highly passive income source.

Although a vending business is a very straightforward operation, all vending operations need to fulfill three basic requirements to succeed.


  • Product: It must offer an in-demand product, one that people will actually buy and continue to buy repeatedly.
  • Machine: It will need to use a reliable, low-maintenance, high-capacity vending machine.
  • Location: There must be a solid strategy for placing the machines into quality, high-traffic locations to maximize daily profits.

Franchise Lightning Force Energy

Why Choose Lightning Force Energy Vending?

  • Premium profit margins.
  • No competition.
  • No franchise fees or royalties.
  • Home-based (NO overhead).
  • Protected route locations included (NO selling).

Lighting Force Energy Chews

Are a modern alternative to high-priced, high-sugar energy drinks and other expensive energy products.

At 100mg of caffeine each, Lightning Force Energy Chews are a convenient, portable, and inexpensive chocolate candy that contains the same amount of energy as a strong cup of coffee.

Made of health ingredients that supply an enjoyable blast of energy without the energy crash or negative side effects, Lighting Force Energy Chews are nutritious, convenient, fast-acting and taste great.

  • Proprietary formula of caffeine and B-vitamins.
  • Unparalleled in taste!
  • 100mg of caffeine in each piece.
  • Make for the highest profit margin ever in edible vending!

Previously only available at select specialty retail outlets and websites, Lighting Force Energy Chews can now be distributed through vending machines—delivering energy at the locations where people need it, including gyms, libraries, and work places.

Franchise Lightning Force Energy


Lightning Force Vendors are not just vending machines, they are in-store displays for advertising and the future selling of Lightning Force Energy Chews.

These profit centers were specifically designed to convert impulse vending and energy customers into long-term Lightning Force consumers.

Available in both digital card reader and classic coin mechanism, the Lightning Force Vendor is a solid, gravity-driven machine that requires no electricity, coin changer or lightning.

Each Lightning Force Vendor holds 136 Lightning Force Energy Chews. Machine maintenance and filling are easy, requiring an average time of just 10 minutes per machine, per month.

A route of 40 machines can be serviced in just one day per month, making it possible for a single distributorship owner to build and service a large route on a part-time basis, a critical element in the creation of passive income!


Finance Information

Investments: $10,000 – $40,000

Minimum Cash: $30,000

Net Worth: $10,000

Training and Support

  • Dedicated owners support line
  • Product reordering
  • Machine/maintenance issues
  • Owner advise (not advise) & growth consultation


A superior vending machine deserves a superior location. Lightning Force works with the top locators in the industry to ensure our owners' machines are placed in the absolute best locations in the area.

All Lightning Force locations are backed by our industry-leading 90-day performance guarantee.

If after 90 days you are not satisfied with any of your locations, they will be replaced. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Partner Requirements

  • Available at least 4 days monthly to service route.
  • customer service experience (preferred).
  • Ability to follow process.
  • Team player.
  • Reliable transportation.


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Goutchoessa Bienvenue 4 August 2021 00:37

This business is a scam. I invested $17000 in it and still have the machines and the candies at home since 6 months. The owner Dave is not serious, he only wants your money. I will have to sue him to get my money back.

PadUSA Heli 13 October 2021 02:27

I'm willing to bet it's the same David Therrien of Lightning Force Energy that ripped me off with vending me at I will add to your lawsuit.

Sandra Carvajal29 November 2022 13:44

Please let me know I will join you guys for the law suit. Is true. That David terrain still my money too and blocked me from the gmail emails. Please let me know. We have to find a good lawyer for this. I will join. My phone number is 2266789997.

Shah Nirav 26 November 2021 16:15

David did same thing with me

Pomona Havria 7 March 2022 09:24

I was promised a lot to buy into the business. I got nothing but trouble I'm out 35k and was verbally abused and continually lied to. The company must go by a numbered company as you can't get them investigated. I looked into lawyers and you need their address and correct name. Dave also seems to go by David Brass and the address if fake. I wish the police took care of people like myself. I am out a lot of money and no way to get it back.

Sandra Carvajal 29 November 2022 13:45

I agree with you. Same happened with me and this thief



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