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@LodgingOrg will market you better and save you money!

The @LodgingOrg strategy combines AAA, Twitter, Save Your Receipt.Org, and the @ logo with a 20 mile protected area. With the @ logo at the beginning of your name, your name, your logo, and your Twitter address will be at the top of every alphabetical list online/offline, tour books, chamber sites, and all the white/yellow page books you are in.

Twitter users will be compelled to check you out on on Twitter. When they read your bio they will discover a 20% discount for following you and a toll free number to make a reservation. Your @LodgingOrg franchise is free and there are no contracts to sign. Our web site is supported by our vendors advertising budgets.

Our mission is to make your property the best independent lodging facility it can possibly be. We don't charge for any of our services and the @ Lodging Org strategy doesn't require any contracts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could stop paying franchise fees? The 10% you give your franchisor for their name and loyalty group must first be earned.

The cost to earn those fees is 20 to 30% of your business's revenue! We have a strategy that will reduce your hotel's franchise costs by 95% and you'll receive better and more comprehensive services than your flag offers! Imagine what that would do for your bottom line and all the improvements you could than afford to do. If you're already an independent hotel, this strategy will market you better and help you compete and win against the national chains. It doesn't matter if you have 10 rooms or 500 rooms, this strategy will advertise you better and save you money.

We can supply "State of the Art" back office services at a reduced price and make you very competitive online. The @ Lodging strategy combines AAA, Twitter, Save Your Receipt.Org, and the "@" Logo with a 20 mile protected area. @ Lodging Org also offers a discount on both Webrezpro PMS and it's seamless connection to the Siteminder channel manager. Siteminder's channel manager eliminates the need for GDS fees saving you thousands of dollars. Both the PMS and the channel manager are "state of the Art" back office services at a discount price!

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Investments: $100,000

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Grand opening, Internet, Field operations/evaluations

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