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Franchise Port City Trade

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"Earn100k Buying GOLD!"

Start up kit includes:

*150 plus page Pawnshop Manual with the secret sauce from tried and true operations from five real pawn shops.

*2 weeks hands on training in a real Pawn Shop acquiring experience buying Gold and other things of value.

* "Site location" study and recommendation.

*Merchandising Mix - How and What to Buy, how much to pay for it and what to sell it for.

*Dealing with regulations and staying out of the clink. Learn the five functions of this super lucrative and truly recession proof specialty retail and loan business, Security, and using the latest technologies to control inventory and prevent theft internally as well as externally.

*As a bonus learn to do "land loans", where you pay 15 cents on the dollar for land that when defaulted winds up yours to sell at full market value.

Not available in Las Vegas Nevada, New York, Alaska, Florida, nor California.

Get an excited new guy to work to death for a few weeks. You cannot learn this stuff from television. No per transaction nor percentage of loan fees. Transparent, you keep most of what you earn. Unlike the national systems, ours will work (Tested and proven) in any size community from a population of ten thousand all the way up to major metropolitan areas.

The key is in the merchandising, knowledge of customer needs and the ability to cultivate the perpetual revolving loan prospects.Skills we impart with our training. Licensing contract is for ten years, no obligation to renew after that.

Finance Information

Investments: $100,000 – $380,000

Franchise fee: $30,000

Royalty fee: Annual Licensing Renewal fee $2500

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