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A Proven Business Model

A laundromat investment offers stability, flexibility and other outstanding benefits that alternative investment opportunities simply cannot match. For more than 60 years, laundromats have consistently proven to be high-return investments. In fact, laundromat businesses located within the U.S. average a 20 to 35 percent return on investment.** 

Lower Startup Costs Than A Franchise 

There are many factors and risks involved in a franchise investment that you won't encounter with a laundromat investment. Opening a franchise typically means higher initial startup costs, ongoing franchise fees, liquid capital requirements and other investment roadblocks, whereas opening a vended laundry business provides a safer and more profitable investment. Advantages like low startup costs and high success rates make laundromats the ideal small business investment opportunity.

Higher Success Rate Than The Alternatives

Laundromats have a 94.5 percent success rate, specifically when backed with a manufacturer who has an experienced, in-house finance department.* You can greatly improve your chances for success with personalized, laundry-focused financing through Speed Queen® Financial Services.

Less Risk Than The Stock Market

Because clean clothes are a necessity, laundromat success is not tied to fluctuations in the economy. Not only is the commercial laundry industry substantial and stable, but laundromat investments tend to be profitable and recession-resistant. Plus, 90% of laundromat patrons become repeat customers. How’s that for a stable customer base? 

Adaptable to Your Lifestyle

Find financial success and independence when you invest in a laundromat business. The flexibility enjoyed by laundromat investors allows them to customize their business around their personal lives. One third of current laundromat investors consider their store a part-time job.

The Perfect Partner for Profitability

Since laundromats were introduced as a concept following WWII, the industry has experienced a steady climb in popularity. And as the world’s leading commercial laundry company, Speed Queen commercial laundry offers more laundry solutions, more support and more of what you need for success than any other laundry equipment provider.

Advanced controls on new, innovative equipment – the most profitable machines in the industry – allow owners to maximize profitability and flexibility.

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*Speed Queen laundromat success rate is the number of NOT charged off loans per laundry divided by total numbers of loans originated from January 2001 through June 2013, based on experience of Speed Queen Financial Services.

**Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]

Finance Information

Investments: $100,000 – $500,000

Minimum Cash: $100,000

Net Worth: $500,000

Partner Requirements

The ideal laundromat investor is someone looking for an opportunity with a unique combination of stability, flexibility and profitability. If an all-cash, low cost business requiring minimal time and effort sounds appealing, you may be a good candidate. If you’re looking for a small business investment that is recession resistant with a high success rate, the vended laundry business may be right for you. Speed Queen Financial Services will take your financial situation, goals and expectations into account to help you determine if a laundromat business is the right investment option for you.

*Wallace, B. (2014, December 9). Getting Into the Laundry Business [Webinar]. Retrieved October 6, 2015
**Speed Queen laundromat success rate is the number of NOT charged off loans per laundry divided by total numbers of loans originated from January 2001 through June 2013, based on experience of Speed Queen Financial Services.

Area Requirements

Where our multi-housing services can be found:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Residence halls,
  • Hotels and motels
  • Military installations

Our multi-housing products will catch the attention of college housing directors, building owners, military procurement officers, but also architects, engineers and specification writers.


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