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About Franchise

The “What’s On In” is a unique home-based franchise that can generate you a main monthly income from within your OWN “exclusive” state allowing you to take a share of the $300 million that is spent by online by USA advertisers.

What’s On In offers you a unique franchise opportunity to offer any business the chance to advertise on the leading go to website enabling them to advertise to the people that are looking.

With the self-service platformhigh visibilityfull tracking and low advertising cost, it brings something very unique to the online advertising marketplace.

There are NO restrictions on advertising, ANY business can place an ad on your website. Payment goes direct to you from all advertisers.

Franchise What's On In

We offer 3 types of franchise:

  • Single state area franchise
  • Master franchise
  • Corporate franchise

You have 100% exclusivity with your Whats On In website within your chosen state.

Single franchise

A single franchise is one city or town within a USA state.

Master franchise

The master franchise is something very special, it allows you to plan for expansion and the joining package is excellent:

  • 50% (half price) discount on ALL states.
  • Cheaper monthly management fees.
  • 6 months to pay, this makes it self-financing.
  • Choice of 5 Cities-Towns within your chosen state.
  • This is excellent when used the 50-50 system.
  • FULL re-sale rights. You can resale your master franchise (or part of it) at a profit, while still retaining ownership.
  • FULL sublet rights. You can rent, or hire your master franchise (or part of it) at a profit while still retaining ownership.

Corporate franchise

Our corporate franchise are for those that want to develop throughout the whole of the USA Europe or global income opportunity and is perfect for re-franchising.

  • A corporate franchise allows you to enjoy HUGE profits and maximum ROI.
  • This is based on the TOTAL number of websites/Cites you purchase in ANY country you like, USA, UK, Europe, or global.

You can spread the cost of a corporate franchise over 12 months, which offers you an excellent ROI.

This is a “Pick & Mix” method enabling you to pick ANY website in ANY state and to form your OWN

corporate master franchise A typical “Whats On In” website would could generate you a $2,000 to $8,000+ monthly income once fully up and running, your website would be preloaded with 25 potential advertisers.

Your unique website will generate you 3 income streams.

  1. Income sales from advertisers within your own city or state that place ads on your website.
  2. Income from local tradespeople $40,000 income per year per state.
  3. Income from affiliates that place ads on your website. You would make a large commission when someone clicks on the ads and orders. The typical affiliate would be British Airways, Virgin, Marriott & Hilton Group.

Spread the joining cost over 3 to 12 months.

This is a way to spread the cost of taking up the franchise, it means as your business is developing it is self-financing. We allow you to spread the cost over 3-12 months interest free.

Very few advertisers are needed to cover the initial fee. With the 1000’s of potential advertisers within your state, it can be covered very easily.

Franchise What's On In

The Optional 50-50 System

This is an excellent way to enjoy a huge income from your “Whats On In” “Exclusive” state while not carrying out the business yourself.

The 50-50 system is where you have commission only sales person carrying out the sales within your state and they take 50% commission on any sales they make, this would still give you 50% but with someone else carrying out the sales within your exclusive state.

You will see the income potential (see the income calculator) even at 50% is huge, such is this ever expanding online advertising market. We can help you set up a 50-50 system in your chosen state with the tools we already have in place.

In-Depth Member Support

You will have access to an in-depth members support & training area, offering tips, advice, and help on building your “Whats On In” business.


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Investments: $1,000


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