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Want to grow a thriving business that makes people smile and is loved by your community? Discover why operating a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop is “Joy for the Belly and Soul!”

Changing the world, one scoop at a time

Ben & Jerry’s operates on a three-part mission emphasizing product quality, economic reward and a commitment to the community. This mission aims to create linked prosperity for everyone that’s connected to our business: suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees, customers and neighbors alike.

  • Our Product Mission drives us to make fantastic ice cream - for its own sake.
  • Our Economic Mission asks us to manage our Company for sustainable financial growth.
  • Our Social Mission calls us to use our Company in innovative ways to serve the common good.

Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops

Our scoop shops are designed to deliver the ultimate, immersive Ben & Jerry’s experience. They're whimsical, welcoming places where families and friends can enjoy their favorite treats and fans can deepen their connections with our brand. Brightly colored, well-lit and clean, a scoop shop is always inviting and promises that what’s inside is not only delicious, but of the highest quality.

Scoop shops offer the biggest and Ben & Jerriest selection of our ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet flavors (including special “shop-only” flavors you can’t get anywhere else), not to mention luscious sundaes, amazing shakes, cool fruit smoothies, creative ice cream cakes and more euphoria than you can shake a scoop at.

The road to discovery starts here!

Take the first step by completing and submitting the form below. We’ll contact you to schedule a formal introduction to Ben & Jerry’s franchising, and hopefully invite you to complete a franchise application.

Finance Information

Investments: $152,185 – $504,300

Franchise fee: $37,000 (traditional); $16,000 (special venue)

Training and Support

The initial training program for you and your store management team will commence and you’re on your way to opening your first store!

Our experienced Operations Team helps you work through the challenges typically experienced in a business. We assist and support our franchisees in the following areas, and more:

  1.  Site selection
  2.  Design & Build
  3.  In-store training
  4.  Access to our proprietary information
  5.  Marketing & Promotional support
  6.  Regular business reviews
  7.  Mystery shopper and benchmarking

Store Opening

During your store opening you’ll be supported by our highly experienced Retail Marketing team to make sure your store is a success from day one! Following this our dedicated Retail Operations team will assist you for a further two weeks on-site to ensure you get off to the best possible start.


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