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Two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald moved from New England to California to find new opportunities. Despite the failure movie business, they got huge success in the drive-in restaurants business. In 1948, they introduced their streamlined service program, which included 15 cents hamburgers. The success of the restaurant inspired the brothers to create their franchise concept.

After his second year, Ray Kroc dropped out of high school in Chicago to join the World War One Red Cross Ambulance Corps. Before his unit went overseas, the war was over, and Ray got back home. He was playing music and later was working as a paper cups seller for a living. He became the exclusive distributor of a milkshake mixing machine called the Multimixer in 1939.

Franchise McDonald's

In 1954, he visited the McDonald brothers and became their franchise agent. In April 1955, in Des Plaines, Illinois, he opened the first McDonald’s System, Inc. (then McDonald’s Corp.) restaurant. McDonald's System, Inc. got the rights to the brothers' company for $ 2.7 million in 1961.

McDonald's unique franchise model empowers local entrepreneurs. McDonald’s President & Chief Executive Officer, Steve Easterbrook, has a long-term plan to increase the share of franchised restaurants. He describes the benefits of franchising in his statement: “By identifying strategic partners who share our values and vision to accelerate our growth and scale across diverse markets, we will drive innovation, becoming more relevant to our customers and the communities we serve.”

The global network of McDonald’s restaurants spread in over 100 countries over the world, over 90% of restaurants belong and operated by independent Franchisees.

Franchise McDonald's

To be the owner of a McDonald’s restaurant is an amazing opportunity. We are looking for people with significant business experience (successful owner or manager of several business units/departments) and enough financial resources.

The company has its own international training center - Hamburger University (HU). For the needs of franchisees, we periodically revise and correct all training programs provided at HU and various local sites. All programs and training activities were developed to give franchisees certain skills in various aspects of running a McDonald's restaurant and held at regular intervals.

To be eligible to operate a McDonald’s restaurant, franchisees must complete a basic minimum core training program - the Restaurant Department Management (RDM). RDM is deployed through Campus. The campus allows franchisees to complete and track the progress of their assigned training online. To complete all RDM training programs (from Shift Manager through General Manager) it takes about 2 years.

Franchise McDonald's

The complete curriculum and materials include many elements. For example, franchisees must perform and master all team and management functions in the restaurant as part of the training program. An operations consultant will help the franchisee at the restaurant opening by assisting and clarifying previous training and instruction.

Before signing the Franchise Agreement or paying any money to the franchisor, franchisees must complete the training program. In addition to the RDM curriculum requirements, there are no additional mandatory training requirements for the franchisee.

The franchisor may provide permanently annual meetings, conventions, various workshops, and other training sessions to franchisees or their employees. The franchisor  may charge a fee for those training sessions.


Finance Information

Investments: $1,008,000 – $2,214,080

Franchise fee: $45,000

Royalty fee: 4%

Minimum Cash: $500,000

Training and Support

The franchisor operates Hamburger University (HU), the international training center for the McDonald's System. The content and duration of all operations courses, which are offered at HU and various local sites, are revised and reconsidered from time to time to meet the needs of the franchisees. All courses and learning events are offered at frequent intervals and are designed to give franchisees specific skill sets in the various facets of the conduct of a McDonald's restaurant.

The basic minimum core training, which franchisees must complete to be qualified to operate a McDonald’s restaurant, is known as the Restaurant Department Management (RDM) curriculum. RDM curriculum is deployed through Campus, which allows franchisees to complete and track the progress of their assigned learning online. It takes approximately two years to complete all RDM learning plans, from Shift Manager through General Manager.

Franchise McDonald's

The complete training program and materials include many elements. As part of the training program, franchisees must perform and master all of the crew and management functions at the restaurant. At the opening of the restaurant, an operations consultant will spend time with franchisees providing assistance and refinement of previous training and instruction.

Franchisees must complete the training program successfully before signing the Franchise Agreement or paying any money to the franchisor. There are no further mandatory training requirements for franchisees beyond the RDM curriculum.

However, annual meetings, conventions, various workshops, and other training sessions may be conducted on an ongoing basis within each region, and McDonald’s may require franchisees to pay for the costs associated with that ongoing training. Additionally, optional courses may be offered to franchisees or their employees for a fee.


How much money will I make?

We can’t guarantee specific profitability, it depends on various factors (operating and placement costs, financing conditions), but most importantly, on your ability to effectively operate the business.

Is there an opportunity to acquire more than one McDonald’s restaurant?

McDonald's is an equal opportunity franchisor. We are looking for potential franchisees who can manage multiple locations. Candidates who have successfully run multiple businesses may be suitable for running multiple McDonald's franchises.

Is McDonald’s seeking women and minority Owner/Operators?

Our company is focused on increasing the number of minority and female franchisees. And to our knowledge, we already have the largest minority and female franchisee group in our industry.

What is the availability of McDonald’s restaurants in my area?

The possibility of opening restaurants in certain areas will be discussed in the first interview. We can not say in advance of the complement of your training which restaurants will be available. For a restaurant opportunity may be required flexibility to relocate.

I have a piece of property that would be ideal for a new McDonald’s restaurant; will McDonald’s develop the site and award the franchise to me?

We separate processes of choosing an area and franchisee selection. We develop the site because we believe it will be successful. After deciding to develop a site, McDonald’s awards the most qualified candidate with the franchise. McDonald's evaluates the area, acquires property, and builds a facility. Contact us if you have a property that you want to sell.

Can you still get a McDonald’s franchise (in the United States) and how much does it cost?

At McDonald’s we are constantly looking for qualified people to become our franchisees. The minimum down payment will vary as the total cost varies from restaurant to restaurant. Typically, we need at least $ 500,000 personal net worth to consider getting a franchise. For more information on buying and financing a McDonald’s franchise, visit the U.S. franchise home page.

How can I become a non-U.S. McDonald’s franchisee?

McDonald's provides franchised restaurants in many international markets. Decisions regarding the selection of candidates are made at the local level by the leadership of the country in which the restaurant is located. Please, review the contact list and franchise information on the company's Global Franchise page to provide information on the international franchise market.

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Super clean and modern McDonald's. Food came out quick with the consistent, signature McDonald's flavor. Excellent staff and shout out to the African American gentleman doing the lobby and restroom, he's a kind soul. This is the McDonald's you want to go to when in the East Bay. Would take a girl out here on a first date. Killer fries too. I'm out!
Good enough to grab a coffee every once in a while. Several automated kiosks by the entrance if you don't want to stand in a line and deal with peop...le! Show all


The facility is clean and spacious. Staff members are indeed very attentive. I liked the prompt service. Here, they also bring you your meal when you order eat in. My food came to me within ten minutes of ordering. I enjoy the fresh food and comfortable seating. Overall, very good first experience here.

Reasons for the 5 star rating:
- clean spacious facility
- recently renovated
- friendly attentive team members
- comfortable seating
- prompt service and fresh food

One feature to tak...e note of are the three double sided kiosks. It's a good to have these kiosks because when the counters are busy, customers can order from the kiosk.
This is their third location to integrate a genius idea.
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On the way to work I stopped in for a breakfast. I was quite impressed with all the customization options for breakfast sandwiches. The trick is tapping on "Customize" and then tapping on the sandwich. I always thought I was slick asking for cheese on my sausage egg biscuit, but there are so many possibilities. You can choose the round egg, the folded egg, egg whites or even the scrambled eggs. You can have it on a McGriddle, McMuffin, Biscuit or Bagel. I didn't even know McDonald's still bagel-based breakfast sandwiches anymore! And cheese: American, White Cheddar or Swiss. Plus you can get really crazy like putting bacon on your sausage. This totally switches up my breakfast game.

Decided to come back for lunch to put together fried chicken sandwich with all sorts of interesting toppings: bacon, pepper jack cheese, shaved parmesan cheese, grilled tomato, pickles, raw red onions, tortilla strips (great crunch), jalapenos, sriracha mayo and parmesan peppercorn sauce. It was spicy, creamy and crunchy!

All this customization is a bit pricier than ordering the value items like 20 McNuggets for $5 and Double Cheeseburger & Fries for $2.50, but the regular non-customized meals (e.g. Big Mac) aren't really that cheap in San Francisco to begin with. In reality, I'll probably stick with 20 McNuggets in future (since my bulldog loves them). But it's nice to know I can put together a sandwich to satisfy a peculiar craving I may find myself having.
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The reason why i consider this my favorite one to go to is because of all the pictures they have hanging of SF. They always keep this place clean and I always get service with a smile. I will always go back to this location, when i am down for DOUBLE QUARTER pounder!
Modern and clean! Came here for a cheeseburger at 7pm, ordered it using the self service machine, and got my burger a few minutes later at the counter. 10/10 would come back again.


Newly renovated, very modern, helpful, polite staff that delivers your food to you at your table.
Soda machine on the outside where you can customize a million different flavors. Some of the normal flavors that I LOVE are Vanilla Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Gingerale. You can also get crazy and all sorts of fruit flavors.

They have the make your own gourmet burger option, they bring your burger in a fancy wire basket and the same with the fries.
The food comes out hot and fresh and everything i...s clean.
There are couches, High counter seating, half couches, and about 3 or 4 other seating options.
Keep up the good work!
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McDonald's is a pretty great. They recently renovated and added the "Create Your Taste" concept (CYT for short). Basically, in addition to the regular menu and counter, you can order more "gourmet" burgers and chicken sandwiches at giant kiosks. There are a ton of options when you do the CYT, including toppings and sauces that aren't available on the regular McDonald's menu. I've eaten here a few times since the renovation and it's pretty tasty, and despite what I'd read online about some other ...CYT restaurants around the country, it's not particularly expensive either. I usually get a double cheeseburger with some fancy stuff on it and a medium drink and fries, and it's always less than $10.
The staff is nice, and even though the space itself still has some of those downtown SF hallmarks, it's a pretty nice space.

The only complaint I really have is that the amount of sauce and number of toppings tend to be a bit on the skimpy side. The kiosks give you an opportunity to choose a quantity for each topping or sauce you choose, and you seem to get the same amount whether you choose 1 portion or 4. I like my burgers messy. If I put that I want 3 portions of caramelized onions or sriracha mayo, I want a LOT of it.
Anyway, it's worth checking out if you're in the area. I try not to eat lunches this heavy too often, but I'd love for them to convert the McDonald's in Temescal to the CYT concept.
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Quick service, and polite enough. It's fast-food, so it was good enough. Sometimes even in a big foodie city, you want fries and a coke. Familiar, quick, clean enough and very fast service.
Your order is brought to your table and they walk around passing out candy for after your meal.
They have clean bathrooms and an outdoor area to site and enjoy your coffee.
The service was fast and courteous.
For a McDonald's this place is modern, friendly and clean. My food came out quickly and the was great. If this is really a 2-star McDonald's, I expect the 5-star.
I am lovin' McDonalds!
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I remember reading about a McDonald's that opened up in Missouri very recently (in early-mid 2016) that is the same concept as this McDonald's large self-order touch screens and a quite sizable menu with very exclusive foods that you can only find at few McDonald's nationwide.

I ordered one of the restaurant's special signature sandwiches (I think that is what they were called) that was a quarter pound burger patty with honey Dijon mustard with bacon and onions. It was really good! I also had... the option of ordering the sandwich as a chicken sandwich instead of as a hamburger that would still have all of the same toppings.

When using the self-order touch screens, you swipe with a credit/debit card into a small machine attached to the touch screens.

I also saw this McDonald's has exclusive ice cream sundaes like a chocolate brownie ice cream sundae and a strawberry shortcake sundae. This McDonald's also offers chocolate sauce-dipped ice cream cones and Reese's and Twix McFlurries!
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It's bright, nice and clean place (you're constantly seeing someone cleaning, mopping etc). They installed kiosks for those credit card users that hate to wait in line and they now have table service! You're thinking, table service at McDonald's?!! I kid you not, and it's working out very nicely.

That's all fine and dandy but what really impressed me is that it seems as though the employees went through some type of customer service training because, they are so nice and pleasant now. Many ...of them are fun, sweet and brighten up your awful early morning with a good old fashion smile. It's still not 5 star quality yet but they're trying and it's still McDonald's after all. But as a regular that has seen what it was like before, this is an awesome change for the better.

They've also added some signature sandwiches that cost a bit more and take longer to prepare as it's made to order. The food actually tastes better to me as their chicken nuggets now! Even the seasonal McRib tastes better (I didn't like it before.) Hopefully they will continue to improve with making things a bit healthier with a strong focus on customer service.
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Good, cheap food with quick service. I ordered the chicken nuggets which are tasty and crispy.
I was surprised at how crowded this McDonald's was for lunch. I probably waited around 15 minutes in line to order and then another 5 minutes to grab my food. They also have kiosks you could order food from if you don't want to wait in line.

The cashier's were friendly and efficient. I'd come back if I wanted McDonalds, but I'd only go to this specific location if I was close to it - I wouldn't go... out of my way for it.
Also, definitely utilize the app to get better deals (you can only use one deal per transaction, so the cashier was nice and let me order it in two separate transactions). In total, my meal costed $2.18 (large fries + big mac).

I'm so happy to see a McD with the e-kiosks and electronic screens I've seen in Asia and Argentina. Service here is fantastic and all the employees work hard.
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