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Franchise Philly Pretzel Factory





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Home of the Real Soft Pretzel… Philly Pretzel Factory is the world’s largest Philly-style pretzel bakery, with well over 100 franchised locations – and growing. Every day at The Factory, we mix our freshly made dough and hand twist each and every pretzel. From our award-winning soft pretzels to crowd-pleasing party trays, every menu item is guaranteed to be fresh baked and served hot outta the oven!

At Philly Pretzel Factory our entire family of franchisees, founders and employees are committed to providing world-class customer service in a clean, friendly and inviting atmosphere. With endless batches of fresh twisted pretzels baked right before your eyes, you’ll get to see how the best soft pretzels in town are made from start to finish. Breathe in the incredible aroma as your pretzel comes straight from the oven and into your waiting hands. It’s that close. That fresh. We pledge to only serve fresh pretzels that meet – or exceed – our Philly Pretzel Factory standards. We pledge to make your visit enjoyable, convenient and affordable in every way, serving you REAL PRETZELS that make a difference.

Franchise Philly Pretzel Factory

Our Model is Simplicity

Simple Menu

We offer fresh “hot outta the oven” pretzels and a few other products such as pretzel dogs, pretzel cheesesteaks, pepperoni melts, and cinnamon pretzel twists. We make it as easy as possible to run our system, so we keep our product line limited.

Solid Support

We focus on providing unmatched franchise support through our Franchise Support Managers who work with you to maintain operation efficiency and build sales through store visits and consistent communication.

Proven Growth

Since our first franchise opened nearly 20 years ago, in-stores sales have continued to grow. In fact, 45% of franchise owners own multiple stores.

Franchise Philly Pretzel Factory

Opening a new business is a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team is here to provide the support and training you need to ensure your store starts off strong and continues to grow.

The 8 Ways We Get You Off The Ground

  • Comprehensive Training

    Our comprehensive training program provides extensive classroom instruction and hands-on training in our corporate office followed by on-site training when you open your Philly Pretzel Factory.

  • Online Pre-Opening Checklist

    One of the reasons our franchisees get off to such a quick start is they can monitor all pre-opening tasks on-line which insures you build your business quickly.

  • Real Estate Assistance

    Our real estate manager will find locations as well as evaluate any locations you have found, offering a complete analysis of each location before you make the ultimate choice.

  • Construction Assistance

    Our construction manager will provide you assistance with all the phases of construction, site plans, permits, equipment delivery and vendors.

  • Onsite Store Opening Support

    You will receive a week of onsite support when you open your store to make the launch of your new Philly Pretzel Factory run smoothly.

  • Access to Operations Manual

    Our comprehensive operations manual allows easy access to descriptions and detailed instructions of every aspect of our Philly Pretzel Factory business model, all available online for reference at a touch of a button.

  • Access to Marketing Manual

    Our industry-leading marketing manual walks you step-by-step through proven Philly Pretzel Factory marketing methods to help you build revenue and generate profits.

  • Inclusion on Our Website

    We maximize the exposure of our website through consistent search engine optimization to bring new customers to our corporate website and drive them through your doors for increased sales.


Finance Information

Investments: $133,999 – $351,393

Franchise fee: $35,000

Royalty fee: 6%

Minimum Cash: $100,000

Net Worth: $300,000

Training and Support

The Support to Keep You Going Strong

  • Daily Field Support

    We focus every day on providing unmatched franchise support, including access to our Franchise Support Managers who routinely work with you to maintain operation efficiency and build sales through store visits and consistent communication.

  • Daily Field Support Company Intranet

    You benefit from real time communication on our company intranet by receiving up-to-the-minute information from our franchise support department and easy communication with your fellow franchisees.

  • Franchise Operations Committee

    Every franchisee has the opportunity to be involved in shaping the direction of Philly Pretzel Factory through participation on the Franchise Operations Committee.

  • Mystery Shops

    Receive valuable reports from mystery shop visits to your Philly Pretzel Factory. This information will help you measure customer service, product quality, and the customer experience.

  • Annual Convention

    Top professional speakers and innovative vendors are just a few of the participants at our annual convention. This gives you the opportunity to learn, network, and build relationships with fellow franchisees.

  • Marketing Support

    The life blood of any business is consistent marketing to build sales and we provide numerous options to support your execution of the marketing plan proven to grow your Philly Pretzel Factory.

  • Purchasing Power

    Together, we can do more. Our franchisees have access to the the cost saving purchasing power provided by our growing franchise system.

  • Community Involvement

    A successful business is about more than sales or even good service. It is about people, plain and simple. Our community support program helps you explore ways to give back to your community.


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Best Pretzels Ever!

I actually go to the location in Samson and 16th. And I will get these pretzels when I'm out at other places. Not just best pretzel but best bargain in town!
Hands down best pretzel anywhere! I've had the plain and with mustard as traditionally done. However, I've made my own toppings too. Cinnamon sugar, chocolate, and honey all do well. Waaaaaay better than NYC pretzels too! ( I lived there and know)
If you take advantage of some of the deals you end up with a lot of pretzels! No worries! ...I freeze mine and then microwave in a paper towel. Many locations including street fairs and tour locations. Show all

Quick stop

Visiting the area. Potentially a place to move so was checking out the area and decided to get a quick snack. Had a pizza pretzel with sauce on the side. It was ok. Husband had hot dog pretzel. It was ok. Came with cheese which he said it threw him off. He's use to auntie Ann's. Like I said just needed something to snack on while scoping the area. Would go back again if I wanted a quick snack

Best soft pretzels around

Go here three times a month to get the 25 count with the spicy mustard. Take them to my shop where I work for all the coworkers. They don't last long, everybody has one or two at a time. The small bites with the cheese is also pretty good. Will keep returning for the best pretzels around.

The BEST pretzels in Philly

Whether you find yourself at the Frankford Ave location or downtown, the Pretzel Factory is quite delicious and is VERY affordable. There has only been one instance that I can remember where the pretzels weren't the freshest but even so, they were miles about any other pretzel I've had. You will be delighted by the varieties of shapes, sizes, and sauces if you are into trying new things (the pretzel-wrapped hotdog comes to mine). However, if you are more traditional in regards to pretzels, you s...till will not be disappointed by the quality, price, and taste. Absolutely delicious. The staff is also very welcoming at the Frankford Ave location specifically. Show all

Yummy Philly Pretzels!!

My husband is from Philly and is always craving authentic Philly Pretzels. OK... so we're in Philly, only to find that the street vendors no longer seem to sell pretzels!! Horror!! So we got on our iPads and searched around until we found the Philly Pretzel Factory. We went to the location at 1532 Samson. The pretzels were perfect. Warm and tasty. Got our baker's dozen and were on our way. Packed the leftovers in bags in our suitcases and when we got home, they were still really good!

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