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30 Best ✅️ Clothing Franchises in USA for 2023

Up-to-date Clothing Franchise franchise catalog 2023. Only proven and profitable ideas!

Here is the top 30 Best Clothing Franchises you can start in USA:

1. Plato's Closet

  • Investments $255,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1998
  • Year Franchising Started – 1999
  • Offices – 475

Franchise details: Plato's Closet
Official site

At Plato’s closet, we buy our inventory from our customers every day and unlike consignment, we pay cash on the spot. Our customers buy outfits at a fraction of the cost of full retail prices AND get cash on the spot for items they no longer use? It’s a win-win for both the customer and the franchisee. This buy/sell model makes Plato’s Closet a truly unique retail franchise opportunity.

Franchisee Success Stories - Why Winmark Is A Sound Investment

2. Once Upon A Child

  • Investments $268,500
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1984
  • Year Franchising Started – 1992
  • Offices – 369

Franchise details: Once Upon A Child
Official site

Once Upon A Child has proven to be one of Winmark®'s most successful retail-resale brands. In communities all across the U.S. and Canada, our Once Upon A Child franchisees occupy a critical role: providing affordable, safe, high-quality infant and children's apparel and accessories for budget-conscious parents and families. Our unique space in the marketplace has proven so powerful that Once Upon A Child has been able to rapidly expand and outnumber our competition (Children’s Orchard® and Kid to Kid®) more than three-to-one in number of locations.

3. Fleet Feet Sports

  • Investments $180,000
  • Franchise fee $38,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1976
  • Year Franchising Started – 1978
  • Offices – 171

Franchise details: Fleet Feet Sports
Official site

Fleet Feet Sports offers you the opportunity to combine your passion for running and health with your determination to work for yourself. If you believe in yourself and want to help others become healthier and more active, this may be the next chapter in your life. We provide a proven business model with support from an experienced team of small business experts and retail leaders.

40 Years of Fleet Feet Sports

4. Clothes Mentor

  • Investments $226,500
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001
  • Year Franchising Started – 2007
  • Offices – 146

Franchise details: Clothes Mentor
Official site

Clothes Mentor’s concept of buying and selling gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories resonates with women in so many communities nationwide. The brand’s reach continues to grow rapidly, but there are still many opportunities available for you to open a Clothes Mentor store of your own. Submit your email address using the form on this page and we’ll reach out to you with more information.

Clothes Mentor How it Works

5. Pro Image Sports

  • Investments $155,500
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1985
  • Year Franchising Started – 1986
  • Offices – 132

Franchise details: Pro Image Sports
Official site

Pro Image Sports has been the leading sports franchise for over 30 years. Our stores have a strong following of customers looking for authentic, fashionable, licensed sports apparel & novelty items. Our local owners distinguish themselves from the competition by catering their product mix to match the demand of their markets.

Pro Image Sports | A Family Business

6. Kid to Kid

  • Investments $280,942
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1992
  • Year Franchising Started – 1994
  • Offices – 121

Franchise details: Kid to Kid
Official site

Every day, more than 10,000 kids open a little pink door to a shopping experience that's unmatched for value and selection by any other retail children's store. With more than 125 locations across the United States, Canada and Portugal, Kid to Kid is making a difference in a variety of communities by providing growing families with items that they need and love at a fraction of the retail cost. Customers love us for our daily-changing selection, our value, and the convenience of selling their outgrown kids' items for cash on the spot. More than that, our franchisees are backed by an established brand with one of the best support systems in the industry.

7. Foot Solutions Inc.

  • Investments $196,500
  • Franchise fee $32,500
  • Year Brand Started – 2000
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000
  • Offices – 120

Franchise details: Foot Solutions Inc.
Official site

Foot Solutions is the world’s largest specialty wellness franchise focused exclusively on helping people feel good from the feet up. We offer exclusive premium custom-made Perfetto™ inserts and orthotics which help to relieve pain and improve comfort, balance performance and body alignment for a market that is primarily over 40. We provide a holistic foot analysis along with foot supports and high-quality comfort footwear for work, dress and play that is both functional and fashionable. You’ll feel good helping customers feel good.

The Foot Solutions Experience

8. Big Frog Custom T-Shirts Inc.

  • Investments $114,501
  • Year Brand Started – 2007
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 88

Franchise details: Big Frog Custom T-Shirts Inc.
Official site

T-Shirts! It's fun, creative, fulfilling and easy to operate. And everyone is a potential customer. People might say, "A T-Shirt Business?" But, we are a light manufacturing retail business based on new technology that can create custom designed t-shirts for anyone and everyone. Here at Big Frog we have discovered that becoming part of your community, having fun every day, and making customers happy creates a fulfilling & rewarding business opportunity.​

9. Flip Flop Shops

  • Investments $174,300
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2004
  • Year Franchising Started – 2007
  • Offices – 87

Franchise details: Flip Flop Shops
Official site

Founded in 2004, Flip Flop Shops is the authentic retail chain exclusively devoted to the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and casual footwear from big names such as Reef, Rainbow Sandals, Cobian, Sanuk, OluKai, Havaianas, and Birkenstock. Its mission is to help people “Free Your Toes®” and embrace the relaxing benefits of flip flops and casual footwear for a healthier, low stress lifestyle.

The Flip Flop Shop Havasu

10. Mainstream Boutique

  • Investments $115,000
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1991
  • Year Franchising Started – 1998
  • Offices – 85

Franchise details: Mainstream Boutique
Official site

It all began in a small bedroom in my home just after we moved to Minnesota for my husband Nick’s career. Because we had moved before, and I left jobs I loved to support him, I had to figure out a way to use my education, job experience as a buyer in the fashion industry, and my love for women and all things fashion.

Mainstream Boutique Commercial

11. Rhea Lana's Franchise Systems Inc.

  • Investments $19,050
  • Year Brand Started – 1997
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 81

Franchise details: Rhea Lana's Franchise Systems Inc.
Official site

At Rhea Lana's® not only do we work hard together, but we have fun and live life together. We are excited about what this new year holds for us! We are currently in 22 states and continually expanding. With Small Market Territories and Large Market Territories available for application, we are ACTIVELY looking for franchisees!

12. Apricot Lane Boutique

  • Investments $136,050
  • Franchise fee $34,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1991
  • Year Franchising Started – 2004
  • Offices – 73

Franchise details: Apricot Lane Boutique
Official site

Apricot Lane Boutique is the leading clothing boutique franchise to offer branded fashion apparel, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and gifts in the latest styles and current trends that customers are looking for. Apricot Lane is unique in its mission to bring the hottest new styles and trends to shelves as soon as they hit the runway. Consumers want the trendiest runway styles the moment they see them on TV, without paying the hefty price tags luxury brands are famous for. That’s where Apricot Lane comes in. We stand apart from the competition in our commitment to empowering our customers and offering them the most cutting-edge styles quickly and affordably.

Apricot Lane

13. Destination Athlete LLC

  • Investments $31,300
  • Year Brand Started – 2008
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 70

Franchise details: Destination Athlete LLC
Official site

Destination Athlete® is an innovative company that focuses on the Complete Athlete®, offering products and services from Training to Trophies®Our goal is to help youth and high school athletes get to their personal destination by providing a one-stop resource for all of their needs: sports and field equipment, uniforms, spirit wear, varsity jackets, fundraising solutions and more!

Testimonials from

14. Uptown Cheapskate

  • Investments $259,660
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2008
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 67

Franchise details: Uptown Cheapskate
Official site

In 2008, the first Uptown Cheapskate opened its doors for business and since then, the franchise has grown to over 40 stores nationwide. As a family-run, closely knit franchise, we believe giving each and every franchise owner personalized support.

15. Style Encore

  • Investments $257,050
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2013
  • Year Franchising Started – 2013
  • Offices – 58

Franchise details: Style Encore
Official site

Style Encore is the newest brand in the Winmark family joining award winning brands - Plato’s Closet, Once Upon A Child, Play It Again Sports and Music Go Round in the growing resale retail industry. Style Encore is the solution for the fashion needs of women in their late 20s to mid- 50s and is the big sister to Plato’s Closet and a welcome resource for the Once Upon A Child moms.

16. Instant Imprints

  • Investments $155,872
  • Franchise fee $39,950
  • Year Brand Started – 1992
  • Year Franchising Started – 2001
  • Offices – 54

Franchise details: Instant Imprints
Official site

Instant Imprints is everything you need in a business and want in a lifestyle. Our exclusive system merges multiple revenue streams into one efficient business model, for one purpose: Helping customers promote!

17. Hometown Threads

  • Investments $165,000
  • Franchise fee $29,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1998
  • Year Franchising Started – 2001
  • Offices – 51

Franchise details: Hometown Threads
Official site

Hometown Threads is a retail concept targeting the $30 billion dollar personalization and identity marketplace. Our stores deliver unique personalized goods, at a fair price from highly convenient locations which enjoy lots of built in foot traffic. We service both individuals and organizations. 

Hometown Threads creates memories and relationships for a lifetime

18. fab'rik

  • Investments $113,700
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2002
  • Year Franchising Started – 2006
  • Offices – 42

Franchise details: fab'rik
Official site

It was one part vision and two parts passion that brought founder and CEO, Dana Spinola, to leave corporate America to pursue her dream of owning a clothing boutique. Her vision was a boutique where everyone could afford to feel beautiful which meant high style with heart, no attitude or sticker shock. Her concept of fashion under $100 without sacrificing quality and ensuring priceless, first class customer service has paved the way for fab’rik’s success.

19. Children's Orchard LLC

  • Investments $174,700
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1980
  • Year Franchising Started – 1985
  • Offices – 27

Franchise details: Children's Orchard LLC
Official site

When kids get too big for things that they own, Children’s Orchard finds stuff a new home. It’s a whole new kind of resale store. You’ll notice the difference when you walk in the door. Like an organized play room or a neatly made bed, our store’s clean and tidy with bright signs overhead. You’ll find plenty of bargains, all the stuff’s just like new, and our resale prices are a selling breakthrough. Shopping is easy with a place where kids play, We’d love to have you stop by. Will you visit today? We specialize in kids’ clothing down to size zero. If you’re raising little ones, Children’s Orchard makes you a hero.

20. Monkee's 

  • Investments $273,818
  • Franchise fee $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1995
  • Year Franchising Started – 2011
  • Offices – 15

Franchise details: Monkee's
Official site

In 1995, the original Monkee’s store opened in Wilmington, North Carolina. Imagine a store beyond your wildest imagination – an upscale, girlie, always in style boutique where the owner desired to give her customers the ultimate shopping experience – and even know them by name!  It did not take long for the word to spread, and soon Monkee’s of Wilmington was a destination! A second store was opened only a short time later in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by Brenda Maready, the co-owner of Monkee’s Franchising, LLC.

21. BareBones WorkWear

  • Investments $345,000
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1998
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 8

Franchise details: BareBones WorkWear
Official site

BareBones has been certified by Sacramento County as a Sustainable Business. That means we practice conservation measures, just by being responsible to our environment. Even our staff has adopted a street near us to clean up trash several times a year.

The WorkWear Franchise Concept

22. TaylorMarie's

  • Investments $103,650
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2009
  • Offices – 7

Franchise details: TaylorMarie's
Official site

TaylorMarie’s has been bringing fine quality clothing and accessories to women since 2003. Our periodic visits can include fashion shows and luncheons with the chance to shop racks of up-to-date and affordable fashions.

23. Winnie Couture

  • Investments $299,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001
  • Year Franchising Started – 2001
  • Offices – 6

Franchise details: Winnie Couture
Official site

Winnie Couture is a high-end attire brand with a modern mix of classic elegant and sophisticated couture. It blends femininity and luxury to create bridal attire silhouettes that are flattering and timeless.

Winnie Couture Flagship Bridal Salon Atlanta

24. Klein Epstein & Parker

  • Investments $135,617
  • Franchise fee $40,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2011
  • Year Franchising Started – 2014
  • Offices – 3

Franchise details: Klein Epstein & Parker
Official site

Klein Epstein & Parker is a modern fashion retail business built on the foundation of allowing individuals the opportunity to follow their hearts and create a one-of-a-kind custom wardrobe that matches how they feel inside. 

The Making Of: Klein Epstein Parker Suit

25. Bellies to Babies

  • Investments $55,475
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2008
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 2

Franchise details: Bellies to Babies
Official site 

The idea of Bellies to Babies began back in 2006 when the founder was pregnant with her first son. She didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes she was only going to wear for a short time, but at the same time, still wanted to look nice.

26. EDGE Boardshop

  • Investments $109,850

Franchise details: EDGE Boardshop

The EDGE Brand is a global icon and recognized leader in the Longboard Skateboard Industry. EDGE is proud to represent the largest selection of the top quality brands in the industry. When people think of the EDGE brand, it goes beyond retail products. EDGE has evolved into the top known brand in the industry. The company's continued success comes in large part from our dedication to taking care of our customers and the very culture that we have created.

27. The Closet Trading Co.

  • Investments $146,400
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2019

Franchise details: The Closet Trading Co.
Official site

Founded in 2003, The Closet Trading Company™ is an unparalleled resale experience, offering a curated selection of designer and luxury labels. The ecosystem in which our model thrives creates a brand sentiment that enforces sustainability within the local community. We become an essential part of our customers shopping habits & buying cycle.

28. Eden Lifestyle Boutique

  • Investments $107,090
  • Franchise fee $19,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2017
  • Year Franchising Started – 2019

Franchise details: Eden Lifestyle Boutique
Official site

We are a family owned small business that is 100% committed to style, quality and fashion. We are living life in the thick of it and appreciate makers, dreamers, creators and small businesses in our same stage!

29. GROUNDIES® Barefootwear

  • Investments $20,000

Franchise details: GROUNDIES® Barefootwear
Official site

Maybe borders are not for you? Then you've come to the right place! Just one year old and already on its way to becoming a global brand: GROUNDIES® are making history. Do you want to be a part of it? Become our franchise partner and tap into an enormous market potential! Borders were yesterday, the future belongs to GROUNDIES®.

30. Bag of Savings

  • Investments $17,900

Franchise details: Bag of Savings

Our high quality product, The BAG OF SAVINGS is a durable, attractive, reusable shopping bag that provides information from the organization providing bags for FREE, and deals/savings from the advertisers on the bag itself.