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31 Best Pest Control Franchises in USA for 2022 (UPDATED RANKINGS)

Here is the top 31 best Pest Control Franchises you can start in USA:

1. Mosquito Authority

  • Investments $93,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2004
  • Year Franchising Started – 2011
  • Offices – 350

Franchise details: Mosquito Authority
Official site

Our mission is to help protect families and individuals from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, and we take the confidence our customers place in us very seriously.

Mosquito Authority Life--Mike Allen

2. Mosquito Joe

  • Investments $90,600
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2010
  • Year Franchising Started – 2012
  • Offices – 287

Franchise details: Mosquito Joe
Official site

The Mosquito Joe franchise opportunity provides a simple, low cost business that can allow you more time to spend with your family and the freedom of working for yourself.

Franchisee Story- Mosquito Joe of North Atlanta

3. Mosquito Squad

  • Investments $29,600
  • Year Brand Started – 2004
  • Year Franchising Started – 2005
  • Offices – 220

Franchise details: Mosquito Squad
Official site

We are proud to be one of the country's fastest growing franchise concepts and leading the outdoor pest control market. Our focus is eliminating unwanted outdoor pests such as mosquitoes and ticks. You can make your community a safer and more enjoyable environment.

4. Mosquito Terminators

  • Investments $32,150
  • Franchise fee $5,500
  • Year Brand Started – 2010
  • Year Franchising Started – 2010
  • Offices – 145

Franchise details: Mosquito Terminators

There has never been a more effective way to control mosquitoes than with Mosquito Terminators' control systems and sprays. We offer the best safe solutions for ridding yards of mosquitoes at affordable prices. Mosquito Terminators' natural-based mosquito control solutions provide safe family and pet friendly options.

Mosquito Terminators

5. Critter Control Inc.

  • Investments $23,725
  • Year Brand Started – 1983
  • Year Franchising Started – 1987
  • Offices – 105

Franchise details: Critter Control Inc.
Official site

While working as a chimney cleaner in 1982, Kevin Clark was often asked to remove animals from chimneys. Seeing the need for such services, Clark formed Clark's Critter Control to remove animals from chimneys, attics, decks and other areas for home owners and businesses. Critter Control began franchising in 1987.

Critter Control The World's Greatest!

6. Truly Nolen of America

  • Investments $50,870
  • Franchise fee $45,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1938
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000
  • Offices – 80

Franchise details: Truly Nolen of America
Official site

Truly Nolen is a leader in pest management, termite prevention, lawn care, and rodent removal and control. We have been building great customer relationships since 1938 and we know how to meet the needs of our residential and commercial customers. We want to share this expertise by franchising with motivated individuals. We encourage you to review this site, especially our franchise benefits and service programs page, to discover why Truly Nolen is the right choice for you!

Welcome to Truly Nolen

7. A All Animal Control

  • Investments $7,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1995
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000
  • Offices – 74

Franchise details: A All Animal Control
Official site

A All Animal Control is a nationwide leader and innovator in the Nuisance Wildlife Control industry, providing incredible client services and delivering consistent performance and value. With over 33 locations servicing 22 states, our team of wildlife professionals have the technical ability and nationwide resources to complete large complex projects while continuing to service small to mid-size clientele.
Wildlife Management Job Opportunities

8. Mosquito Shield

  • Investments $73,100
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001
  • Year Franchising Started – 2013
  • Offices – 55

Franchise details: Mosquito Shield
Official site

Since 2001, Mosquito Shield has been providing residential and commercial customers with professional mosquito and tick control services, and achieving industry-leading results. In fact, 87.4% of our corporate location customers request repeat service, year after year.


9. Buggin' Out

  • Investments $10,000
  • Franchise fee $5,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2012
  • Year Franchising Started – 2012
  • Offices – 50

Franchise details: Buggin' Out

Buggin' Out Pest Control has many applications for home, travel and pets and the best part is…’s all natural and non-toxic. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in our products, making them exempt from FDA and EPA registration.

10. Summit Solutions

  • Investments $49,900
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1991
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000
  • Offices – 41

Franchise details: Summit Solutions
Official site

Summit Environmental Solutions opened for business in 1991 as a pest control company. Many times our clients were hearing noises in the attic that they believed were small creatures like mice or rats were actually raccoons or squirrels. 

11. Pestmaster Services Inc.

  • Investments $36,400
  • Year Brand Started – 1979
  • Year Franchising Started – 1991
  • Offices – 36

Franchise details: Pestmaster Services Inc.
Official site

Pest Management with Environ-Mentality™ is a commitment to safety, our environment, customers, and employees to offer the safest and most effective pest services available utilizing green methods and low-to-no-toxicity products. Our commitment to seeking out cutting edge technologies from science-based products offering sustainable solutions has been a cornerstone of our corporate culture for more than 35 years.

12. Mosquito Police

  • Investments $50,660
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2017
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 29

Franchise details: Mosquito Police
Official site

The organization and franchise initiative is led by George and Dawn Packard and is based in Antigo, Wisconsin. Founded in the summer of 2017, the business was started as an add-on to the already popular business – Family Lawn & Landscape.

13. MosquitoNix

  • Investments $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2004
  • Offices – 24

Franchise details: MosquitoNix
Official site

MosquitoNix franchises are great businesses. We have spent several years perfecting and proving our business model in several markets around the country. Profitability may be a key factor in our franchise partner's success, but customer service and relationships are what drives us.
MosquitoNix Outdoor Misting System

14. Wildlife X Team

  • Investments $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2013
  • Offices – 21

Franchise details: Wildlife X Team
Official site

Wildlife X Team is an emerging leader in urban wildlife control and leaders in developing a wildlife control franchise. With emphasis on repairs, prevention and control with a commitment to the humane treatment of wildlife. Exceptional client service and satisfaction are extremely valuable to our model and we would expect our franchisees to operate the same way with their Wildlife X Team Franchise.


15. Mosquito Hunters

  • Investments $69,949
  • Year Brand Started – 2014
  • Year Franchising Started – 2017
  • Offices – 14

Franchise details: Mosquito Hunters
Official site

Outdoor pest control is experiencing lightning fast growth and Mosquito Hunters franchise owners are buzzing with excitement. We are poised to grow rapidly nationwide and have prime markets available today for development.

Mosquito Hunters Commercial

16. Superior Mosquito Defense

  • Investments $16,300
  • Franchise fee $5,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1996
  • Year Franchising Started – 2013
  • Offices – 14

Franchise details: Superior Mosquito Defense
Official site

Superior Mosquito Defense is the Ultimate solution for mosquito management in your yard, property, business or for ANY outdoor activities.

Mosquito Pest Control, Mosquito Treatment: Decatur AL - Superior Mosquito Defense

17. Skedaddle

  • Investments $62,000
  • Franchise fee $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1989
  • Year Franchising Started – 1989
  • Offices – 10

Franchise details: Skedaddle
Official site

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has established itself as the industry leader in the wildlife removal and exclusion field. What started out as a single service vehicle back in 1989, is now a fleet of 35 across Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec. To say that we are a known brand is an understatement.
Skedaddle Franchise Intro Video

18. Black Diamond Pest Control

  • Investments $96,900
  • Year Brand Started – 1940
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 3

Franchise details: Black Diamond Pest Control
Official site

Black Diamond has been a family owned business since the beginning. We are in the third generation of family ownership and have more than tripled our revenue in the last decade. While the business has grown tremendously since 1940, one thing remains: quality of service based on tried and true methods combined with up-to-date technology.

Black Diamond Pest Control

19. The Green Queen

  • Investments $64,800
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2011
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 3

Franchise details: The Green Queen
Official site

The Green Queen is the “one stop shop” for all green, non-toxic home services. The unique model maximizes revenue per customer by combining recurring revenue streams with high margin bolt on services, such as residential cleaning, pest, mosquito, and turf care.

20. Bedbug Chasers

  • Investments $99,425
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2011
  • Year Franchising Started – 2012
  • Offices – 3

Franchise details: Bedbug Chasers
Official site

Owning a wildly successful Low Investment Bed Bug Franchise type business that helps your customers save their house, their health and restores their peace of mind.

21. Green Doctor

  • Investments $61,080
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2004
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 2

Franchise details: Green Doctor
Official site

Green Doctor has highly trained and licensed lawn care and pest control experts equipped with the latest techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat a customer’s lawn and remove unwanted pests (i.e. termites, mosquitoes, etc.).

22. Backyard Bug Patrol

  • Investments $35,000
  • Franchise fee $15,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2011
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 1

Franchise details: Backyard Bug Patrol
Official site

The Backyard Bug Patrol franchise is a home based business model designed to provide high quality services through a low investment business model with an impressive bottom line.

Backyard Bug Patrol Reviews - Five Star - Organic Pest Control Northern VA

23. Mosquito One

  • Investments $60,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2003
  • Offices – 1

Franchise details: Mosquito One
Official site

Mosquito One has over 15 years’ experience in the pest control industry. We are a Michigan based company with our headquarters in Southeast Michigan.

24. Spring Touch

  • Investments $82,700
  • Year Brand Started – 1973
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 1

Franchise details: Spring Touch
Official site

We are a lawn, pest control and irrigation franchise that’s looking for partners who are ready to grow a national brand, not just become another number in a franchise system. Everything you need to start and run a successful business can be found in our brand’s 45 year history.

25. FlyFoe

  • Investments $17,000
  • Franchise fee $17,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2017
  • Year Franchising Started – 2017
  • Offices – 1

Franchise details: FlyFoe
Official site

Take a look at the other franchisors and you will find a sea of sameness. They all have similar sounding Mosquito XYZ names and have nearly identical operations and value propositions. We have built FlyFoe to be different. You should expect more from your mosquito and tick control franchisor, we're sure you'll get more with FlyFoe.

26. Envirocare Pest Control

  • Investments $45,600
  • Franchise fee $30,000

Franchise details: Envirocare Pest Control
Official site

Envirocare Pest Control provides fast, effective, and affordable solutions for pest-free living. With more than 20 years of experience, nobody knows pest control like Envirocare. It’s time to Take Control!
Connecticut Pest Control - Envirocare Pest Control

27. Mosquito Mike

  • Investments $95,677
  • Franchise fee $35,000

Franchise details: Mosquito Mike
Official site

Come be a part of the Mosquito Mike experience! You will be part of a new movement in the mosquito control industry as constantly improving efficiencies, technology and marketing know-how come to take over and dominate this exciting sector!

Click the Button

28. bioPURE

  • Investments $67,600
  • Franchise fee $38,500

Franchise details: bioPURE
Official site

bioPURE is one of the fastest-growing disinfection companies in the nation and is backed by an Inc. 5000 parent company. bioPURE franchise owners provide a new and effective solution to a growing problem for businesses and homeowners.

29. HDMK

  • Investments $34,170

Franchise details: HDMK
Official site

HDMK has focused on building a scalable brand that delivers time and time again. We have proven ourselves as the top home inspection franchise on the market, and we work hard to keep it that way.

30. Mosquito Mary's

  • Investments $59,850
  • Franchise fee $29,500

Franchise details: Mosquito Mary's
Official site

Looking to start a lucrative business with recurring income? Mosquito control is a growing industry with incredible profit margins, all based around the concept of helping your community. We combine a fun working environment with a proven system designed to build a returning client base that you can grow infinitely.

31. Clean Air Mosquito Control

  • Investments $74,710

Franchise details: Clean Air Mosquito Control

Clean Air Mosquito Control has franchise opportunities available! The Clean Air brand is growing in organic lawn care and now, with all natural mosquito control. Clean Air Mosquito Control is a Clean Air brand that produces happy customers.