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18 Best Hot Dog Franchises in USA for 2022 (UPDATED RANKINGS)

Here is the top 18 best Hot Dog Franchises you can start in USA:

1. Sonic Drive-In

  • Investments $ 1,070,000
  • Franchise fee $45,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1953
  • Year Franchising Started – 1959
  • Offices – 3557

Franchise details: Sonic Drive-In
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Sonic first opened in 1953 as Top Hat Drive-In in Shawnee, Oklahoma, with Troy Smith Sr. at the helm. He later partnered with Charlie Pappe and they began franchising in 1959 under the Sonic Drive-In name. Sonic's car-hops deliver burger, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, tater tots, onion rings, fries, drinks, desserts and breakfast to customers.

2. A&W

  • Investments $ 269,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1919
  • Year Franchising Started – 1925
  • Offices – 957

Franchise details: A&W
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A&W is an iconic brand that is experiencing a major renaissance under new franchisee ownership. The A&W Brand is owned by a partnership of international and domestic franchisees, including the National A&W Franchisees Association (NAWFA).

Why is Now a Good Time to Invest in an A&W Franchise

3. Dog Haus Int'l.

  • Investments $ 423,448
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2010
  • Year Franchising Started – 2013
  • Offices – 400

Franchise details: Dog Haus Int'l.
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Dog Haus is a restaurant that offers freshly prepared, cooked to order, high quality proprietary gourmet hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers accompanied by proprietary sauces and a variety of other related food products, side dishes and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for both on-premises and off-premises consumption.

Lambda Lambda Lambda | Chef Alex Seidel

4. Wetzel's Pretzels

  • Investments $ 164,950
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 1996
  • Offices – 328

Franchise details: Wetzel's Pretzels
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Former marketing executives Bill Phelps and Rick Wetzel founded Wetzel's Pretzels in 1994. The private company began franchising in 1996 and now has units across the United States and internationally. It is based in Pasadena, California, and has co-branding relationships with Cold Stone Creamery, Juice It Up, Swensen's and others.

5. Wienerschnitzel

  • Investments $480,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1961
  • Year Franchising Started – 1965
  • Offices – 320

Franchise details: Wienerschnitzel
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We’re a family-owned company and we’re going to keep it that way. We know that Wienerschnitzel holds a special place in the hearts of our fans, many who’ve grown up with us, and we’re committed to serving up craveable food at a great value for many generations to come.

6. Nathan's Famous Inc.

  • Investments $276,360
  • Franchise fee $30
  • Year Brand Started – 1916
  • Year Franchising Started – 1988
  • Offices – 302

Franchise details: Nathan's Famous Inc.
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Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker took his wife Ida's recipe for hot dogs and started selling them from a stand in Coney Island in 1916. The Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest that started that same year continues to be held every July 4th to this day. Al Capone, Jimmy Durante and Cary Grant were regular customers, and FDR had Nathan's Famous hot dogs served to the king and queen of England in 1939. Nathan's Famous became a public company in 1970, and began franchising in 1988. In addition to hot dogs, the menu offers hamburgers, chicken, cheesesteaks and fries.

The 4th - Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest | Chasing the Mustard Belt | Ep. 5

Video about franchise Nathan's Famous Inc.:

7. Hot Dog on a Stick

  • Investments $ 338,200
  • Year Brand Started – 1946
  • Year Franchising Started – 1997
  • Offices – 74

Franchise details: Hot Dog on a Stick
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An American Icon since 1946, Hot Dog on a Stick™ began as the entrepreneurial dream of Dave Barham. What began as a small beachfront store in Santa Monica has grown to over 75 locations in the United States, as well as locations in Korea! And that beachfront store in Santa Monica is STILL serving our famous food and lemonade to beachgoers today!

8. Sam’s Hot Dog Stand

  • Investments $ 21,300
  • Year Brand Started – 1983
  • Year Franchising Started – 1990
  • Offices – 45

Franchise details: Sam’s Hot Dog Stand
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Sam's Hot Dogs Inc. is a premium franchise company that began in 1983 when owner, Frank Lucente, opened his first store in West Virginia. After opening five more stores, Frank began franchising his popular hot dog stand business in 1990. Sam's Hot Dogs now consists of over 45 franchises located in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. We're dedicated to continuing to expand throughout the nation. Sam's keeps it simple with a straightforward approach to delivering superior products and service. This allows new owners to start their own franchise business at a very affordable price with ease and support.

Sam's Hot Dogs tv spot

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9. Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ

  • Investments $ 190,800
  • Year Brand Started – 2018
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018
  • Offices – 5

Franchise details: Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ
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Crave is now looking for franchise partners throughout the U.S. as well as Internationally. If you want to own your own business, encourage creativity and still have time for your family, Crave could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Crave Welcome

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10. Dave's the Doghouse

  • Investments $ 25,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2002
  • Year Franchising Started – 2014
  • Offices – 5

Franchise details: Dave's the Doghouse
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In Boston, a man name Howard Johnson started a business on the beach serving hot dogs and 28 different flavors of ice cream (think Baskin Robbins 32 flavors). His hot dogs were grilled and he devised a method of making buns in a loaf which were then sliced on a special machine which left them cut in the center and cut so that there was no crust on the sides. He then buttered and grilled the buns. Howard Johnson went on to establish a major restaurant chain and then a hotel chain which can still be found around the country.

Dave's Doghouse East Coast Gourmet Hot Dogs - NOW FRANCHISING!

11. Dat Dog

  • Investments $ 502,250
  • Franchise fee $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2011
  • Year Franchising Started – 2016
  • Offices – 4

Franchise details: Dat Dog
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Dat Dog is a place where amazing and affordable food, fun-loving staff, and bright colors provide you with a sanctuary of joy from the moment you cross its threshold. Combining the soul of Louisiana with the sophistication of Europe, Dat Dog’s artfully crafted cuisine of Hot Dogs, sausages (including vegetarian, vegan and fish), burgers and chicken (fried, grilled or tossed in buffalo sauce) are a thing of beauty. The over 30 toppings available at no extra charge allow you to create your very own “jazz improvisation in a bun”.

Dat Dog

12. Umai Savory Hot Dogs

  • Investments $ 118,200
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1993
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 3

Franchise details: Umai Savory Hot Dogs
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If you've been craving a franchise opportunity that is unique, distinctive, and every bit as delicious as it looks, your search is finally over. Umai Savory Hot Dogs® not only offers unique fusion-style gourmet hot dogs, sausages and sliders, but our create-your-own menu offers unlimited combinations and customization for even the most die-hard fans. With over 27 signature flavors, 11 types of meat, 20 types of sauces, 8 types of fries (and many more), Umai Savory Hot Dogs® certainly has something for every one - and all made fresh to order.

Biggest Hot Dogs at Umai in Roseville, California | FOOD VLOG | RESTAURANTS | SACRAMENTO

13. The Original Hot Dog Factory

  • Investments $ 97,500
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2010
  • Year Franchising Started – 2018

Franchise details: The Original Hot Dog Factory
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The Original Hot Dog Factory is America’s favorite Hot Dog restaurant. If you love hot dogs, then The Original Hot Dog Factory is the perfect place for you. We offer a wide variety of mouthwatering hot dogs that will make you ask for more.

14. JoJo's Grill-a-Dog

  • Investments $ 75,000
  • Franchise fee $35,000

Franchise details: JoJo's Grill-a-Dog
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JoJo’s Grill-A-Dog kicked off its humble beginnings with the opening of its Yucaipa location in 2014. Since then, the brand and business processes have been refined into a successful and proven business operation.

15. What’s Up Dog!

  • Investments $125,000

Franchise details: What’s Up Dog!

It's all about the branding and we have the perfect brand name store for you! Everywhere you go, millions of Americans greet each other with one of the most widely used phrases around, "What's Up Dog!" Randy Jackson on American Idol can be counted on to greet all the contestants with a "What's Up Dog!".

16. Destination Dogs

  • Investments $374,000
  • Franchise fee $50,000

 Franchise details: Destination Dogs
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Destination Dogs was founded and is owned by two partners: Jimmy Cronk, and Sean Hosty, who met while working at Clydz restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ. It was there that we formed our friendship, honed our skills, and eventually decided to focus on opening an establishment of our very own.

17. Windmill Hot Dogs

  • Investments $127,500
  • Franchise fee $27,500

Franchise details: Windmill Hot Dogs
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WindMill Gourmet Fast Food is simply that; "food that is of the highest quality and perfectly prepared."* The WindMill philosophy has always been to offer only the best! WindMill private label Bigger! Better! Hot Dogs are prepared by the world renowned "Sabrett". The entree menu is rounded out by Charbroiled Gourmet Chicken Breasts, second to none; custom-cut Rib-Eye Steak Sandwiches; a limited variety of other tasty entree sandwiches and in some locations, fresh salads.

18. Johnnie's Dog House

  • Investments $275,000
  • Franchise fee $27,500

Franchise details: Johnnie's Dog House
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Our Fast Casual Restaurant, 1000 to 1500 square feet, offers a welcoming entrance, nostalgic décor, and vintage photographs from different generations. Your Johnnie's location will attract customers from all walks of life. You'll also appeal to the "grab and go" customer as well as families who want to spend time enjoying a good meal followed up with a great desert treat. Your customers will also come to you when they need a unique catering experience.