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23 Best Tanning Salon Franchises in USA for 2022 (UPDATED RANKINGS)

Here is the top 23 best Tanning Salon Franchises you can start in USA:

1. Palm Beach Tan

Investments $441,196

Franchise fee $30,000

Year Brand Started – 1990

Year Franchising Started – 2001

Offices – 464

Franchise details: Palm Beach Tan

Official site

In a world where appearances count, a healthy-looking tan is an essential part of a positive self-image for many people. The desire to not only look good, but to feel good about your appearance has created the basis for the $8 billion-per-year indoor tanning industry. Thought to be a business targeting teenage girls, the core customer of the industry is made up of women 30 plus with a 25% male demographic make-up.

Palm Beach Tan - A Better Shade of You™

2. Hollywood Tans

  • Investments $269,500
  • Franchise fee $34,500
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 1998
  • Offices – 219

Franchise details: Hollywood Tans
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Hollywood Tans of Sewell, New Jersey , was incorporated in 1994 and began Franchising in 1998. With about 325 units currently open and a presence in 31 states, they are well-established across the U.S. Clients of Hollywood Tan salons are typically female and range from 18-45 years old, although the mix of people interested in tanning is changing.

Hollywood Tans - Look Amazing Everywhere!

3. Planet Beach

  • Investments $104,300
  • Franchise fee $39,950
  • Year Brand Started – 1995
  • Year Franchising Started – 1996
  • Offices – 149

Franchise details: Planet Beach
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As the beauty and health industry continues to rapidly expand, more people are turning to Planet Beach spray & spa to look and feel their best. With over 20 years of franchise experience, we continue to lead the way by offering convenient and affordable access to a variety of fully automated spa services.

Planet Beach Contempo Spa - Planet Beach Mystic Tan

4. L.A. Tan

  • Investments $250,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001
  • Year Franchising Started – 2001
  • Offices – 140

Franchise details: L.A. Tan
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L.A. Tan a quality indoor tanning salon hopes to be a one-stop-shop for their customers' skin care needs. With over 115 locations L.A. Tan is the fastest growing and most successful tanning salon chain in the U.S. The company's entry in spa and strategic alliances with its vendors has put L.A. Tan far ahead of its competitors. 

5. Tan Republic

  • Investments $96,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2005
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 64

Franchise details: Tan Republic
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Tan Republic is a company committed to “bronze without borders”. We’re unique in that customers can tan at any location, at any time, with only one tanning package! We believe in providing the best tanning experience possible to our customers, who become far more than simply economic assets, and more like a community of friends – beautiful, tan, sexy friends.

6. Beach Bums

  • Investments $150,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1986
  • Offices – 50

Franchise details: Beach Bums
Official site

Beach Bums Tanning Centers have consistently dominated in every aspect of the industry. With our well defined pricing strategies, quality customer service, and our effective sales and marketing practices, we have far outdone our competition on a daily basis. Now we are packaging our profitable system and offering it to you! 

7. The Tan Company

  • Investments $393,354
  • Franchise fee $30,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 2001
  • Offices – 42

Franchise details: The Tan Company

At The Tan Company we take pride in delivering five-star-service. Our passionate team is committed to providing the best overall value with state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding locations. We promote tanning in moderation without overexposure, using premium skin care products and educate each of our clients with complete tanning knowledge.

The Tan Company

8. Desert Sun

  • Investments $198,500
  • Franchise fee $50,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2000
  • Year Franchising Started – 2005
  • Offices – 40

Franchise details: Desert Sun
Official site

What was considered a passing fad several years ago is now as much a part of our lifestyle as renting a video and drive-thrus. Indoor tanning is major in the fitness and beauty sector. It is a passive form of self indulgence for the look great, feel great set sweeping all over and encompassing all generations. We are pleased about our growth and development within our franchise business. We are aggressively seeking franchisees to join the Desert Sun network.

9. iTan

  • Investments $326,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2001
  • Year Franchising Started – 2009
  • Offices – 30

Franchise details: iTan
Official site

iTAN offers a fresh approach to franchising in the tanning industry. Today’s tanners expect their salon to provide the best in customer service, equipment, memberships and aesthetics. iTAN not only created the programs in place to exceed these expectations, but also developed the foundation for a concept that thrives on minimal infrastructure and décor that’s easy to obtain among existing salons.

10. Celsius

  • Investments $265,000
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1995
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000
  • Offices – 22

Franchise details: Celsius
Official site

Celsius Tannery® offers the premier tanning experience in convenient locations citywide. Our goal is to make our customers feel welcome and pampered, while providing great results. Our vision for an upscale tanning salon that was truly a first-class operation has become a reality over the past twenty years.

11. South Beach Tanning Co.

  • Investments $163,840
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2008
  • Offices – 20

Franchise details: South Beach Tanning Co.
Official site

South beach Tanning Company is a unique chain of salons with a "South Beach Chic" appeal. Our upscale salon offers a high energy, uniquely stylized interior and an overall experience that continuously exceeds our client's expectations. The experience that we provide is designed to reflect our attention to detail. From the moment they walk-in our clients enjoy an experience which is further enhanced by the spaciousness of our locations, the convenience of extended hours, the flexibility of not needing an appointment and plenty of booths so ensure they don't need to wait.

South Beach Tanning Company

12. Sol'exotica

  • Investments $70,000
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 2007
  • Offices – 20

Franchise details: Sol'exotica
Official site

Sol'exotica Tanning Salons have been in the tanning industry since 1994. With 12 locations (and growing fast!!!) it has become the tanning destination of choice in the Ontario region. With an ever expanding target market of clients looking not only for a beautiful bronzed look but for a dose of the ever important Vitamin D. Sunbeds make vitamin D naturally. To learn more about the benefits of Vitamin D-just visit any of our salons or call us for information. 

13. Tropi Tan

  • Investments $191,500
  • Franchise fee $20,000
  • Offices – 15

Franchise details: Tropi Tan

Thank you for your interest in a Tropi Tan franchise! The tanning industry is a fun, exciting and young field waiting for energetic, enthusiastic and success-driven entrepreneurs. Tropi Tan is poised to help you take the necessary steps towards owning and succeeding in your own business. We have been in business since 1979 and we know the tanning industry! The relationships we have cultivated with industry leaders and vendors over the past 24 years will secure you with the most advanced equipment, training and support. 

14. Rapid Wax

  • Investments $78,750
  • Franchise fee $24,900
  • Year Brand Started – 2009
  • Year Franchising Started – 2016
  • Offices – 4

Franchise details: Rapid Wax
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Rapid Wax is a quality franchise that is available at an affordable price, and our franchisees are a select group of  people who desire to be successful in their own business.

15. The Palms Tanning Resort

  • Investments $489,750
  • Franchise fee $35,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2003
  • Year Franchising Started – 2003
  • Offices – 4

Franchise details: The Palms Tanning Resort
Official site

The Grand Palms Tanning Resort & Sunless Spa brand has a strong reputation for extremely unique, high-end spas featuring state-of-the-art equipment and friendly and knowledgeable staff, all at an exceptional value. This unique combination creates an escape from the ordinary tanning experience for thousands of happy customers who keep coming back week after week, year after year. Your new tanning resort and sunless spa will be marketed with materials that promote our highly recognizable and respected brand. Every time a new and successful The Grand Palms Tanning Resort & Sunless Spa franchise is launched, all franchisees benefit from the increased brand recognition and excitement generated by the continuing growth of the company.

16. GloPatrol

  • Investments $9,000
  • Year Brand Started – 2013
  • Year Franchising Started – 2015
  • Offices – 2

Franchise details: GloPatrol
Official site

Experience an evolution in mobile airbrush tanning with GloPatrol and evolv. Our talent and equipment combine advanced chemistry, ground-breaking engineering, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a specially formulated, vitamin-enriched, fully custom sunless tanning application.

17. Executive Tans

  • Investments $258,000
  • Franchise fee $25,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1991
  • Year Franchising Started – 1995

Franchise details: Executive Tans
Official site

The Tanning Industry has grown from $900 Million in 1991 annual sales to a $7 Billion dollar industry in 2004. Over the past 10 years, the industry has more than doubled and has become a significant ingredient of many Americans daily lives. As the Tanning industry enters into its next stage of growth, existing and future consumers are looking for a branded solution that will ensure that their health, security and customer service needs are taken care of.

VersaPro in booth demonstration

18. Boca Tanning Club

  • Investments $136,500
  • Franchise fee $35,000

Franchise details: Boca Tanning Club
Official site

Boca Tanning Club has revolutionized the entire tanning industry with the unique concept of 24 hour tanning, which offers an unparalleled level of convenience to consumers. When you combine this with the exotic rainforest decor and commitment to excellent customer service, you have a location that clients travel hours to experience.

19. Fabutan

  • Investments $40,000

Franchise details: Fabutan
Official site

Fabutan, North America's largest and fastest growing chain of indoor tanning studios offers you the opportunity to increase your earning potential in a multi-billion dollar industry.

20. Image Sun

  • Investments $195,000
  • Franchise fee $24,000
  • Year Brand Started – 1994
  • Year Franchising Started – 2000

Franchise details: Image Sun
Official site

Since opening our first tanning center in 1994, Image Sun® has continuously developed and refined our business model to meet current customer demands. Today we have what many consider as the LEAST COSTLY and MOST EFFICIENT tanning salon model in the industry.  

21. LA Sunset Tan

  • Investments $247,900

Franchise details: LA Sunset Tan
Official site

At LA Sunset Tan, we've engineered the re-birth of the tanning industry by taking tanning to a whole new dimension of glamour and luxury. With the success of our flagship Sunset Tan salons in Southern California, co-founders Devin Haman and Jeff Bozz shared a vision to bring the pampered decadence of the ultimate Hollywood tanning experience to cities and towns throughout the US. Thus, the co-founders of Sunset Tan are now proud to introduce and launch the exclusive LA Sunset Tan franchise opportunity!

22. Aruba

  • Investments $150,000

Franchise details: Aruba
Official site

Some franchise businesses are work. Others are about lifestyle. People feel good when they look good and Aruba Tanning is a business where you make people look good. The quality of service and the overall experience separate one business from another in the tanning industry.

23. Mirage

  • Investments $126,000
  • Franchise fee $20,000

Franchise details: Mirage

Mirage Tanning Centers was established with the intent of creating the highest level of service, convenience, and customer satisfaction possible in the tanning industry. After a combined 31 years in the business with corporate and franchise locations in multiple states the concept is proven.